Physically small mechs?


In the arena, every now and then , I see a tiny mech. Is this a hack? Is this the game labeling someone a “smurf” and making them appear small so everyone knows they’re a smurf? I ask because I came up against one that had 1500+ HP, high heat, high energy and was rank 17. On it’s first turn, if fired some weapon that did -926 HP damage on me. Killed me in one shot.


It is actually a perk (cosmetic) that you were able to obtain back in the days before Reloaded… it is not possible to get anymore
Basically the perk makes your mech super tiny


Ah, ok. I guess being a smurf was just coincidence. Or maybe that player has a sense of humor.


Its like a paint from old days… if i know, there was one to get tiny and one to get bigger… the tiny one look cute btw XD


le nuub, this is known as a, “perk.” They were from legacy, and there are also “perks” that make your torso a jack o lantern, or give it a unicorn horn.


its a really old perk only some legacy players have


le Captain Obvious… Dankmementos already answered. But, thanks for saying it again. Gotta keep that post count up.


That weapon is either Lightning Scope or Falcon. Flaming Scope can’t reach those levels of damage.

… And yeah those 3 Scopes (Lightning Scope, Flaming Scope and Falcon) are literally the strongest weapons in-game, but are also the hardest ones to use.


oh i didnt see… oof sry



“Look at that Resistance Drain! 47-15 is?”