Physical needs some new weapons or torsos!

Well, The title says it all, The physical Torsos are just complete Garbage, Avenger was a mistake and That’s the only E-M phys torso, Now Archimonde, A L-M Piece of trash that can be won by wasting 75- 200+ Tokens, The weapons on the other side are the only ones that are good, Nightfall, Annihilation, Terror Cry, Night Eagle, Spartan Carnage and Mercy are the only good physical weapons and two are one of the hardest to get weapons, So I think Physical should earn some love too since Heat and Energy has been getting some…


People have been saying this for months (if not eons) now. And physicals have barely gotten anything side/top weapon related that’s remotely useful.

I’ve always wanted an E+M annihilation like weapon (with 3-6 range and similiar stats to ani). (being a top weapon as well). Would help those F2Ps who can’t score Spartans.

I’d also watch out because there’s people who really dispise physicals that may try to derail this topic. As they’ve done others.


Avenger good

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No worries about … there is a reason, why @Fluffeh made the new rule :exclamation:

Yes - physicals need some love :exclamation:




Im with you mate.
Revamping of existing useless items being an option.

@Sarah247, need some love here


I’d still like to warn people. Because some just don’t follow rules.

believe me been there, done that, learned my lesson

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Cant think of anybody.

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Avenger no good

20 no good.



One of my couple sayings ^

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Atm, I can probably think of like a solid 5 people. That and likely more if I check the old threads similiar to this one.

BUT, Ironically, I will not derail ze topic with my non sense. c:


5? I count 3…



Also, that list of physical weapons is quite a good bunch tbh

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In comparison to heat/energies it’s miniscule at best.

And yes…I’ve spent way too much time on the forums to find these types of people.


Revamping material:

Desert fury
Purifier (that one is pretty hopeless id say)
Armor disolvet
The brand new war hammer is already on this list (wth)


For some reason I read omelet.

(That there lack of 12 hours will do a man wrongly)

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that would become even better then Spartan, since anihil is energy free.
That would turn into a very OP wepon, that will replace NF, NE, makeing them useless.

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I did say similiar stats to it. I never said energy-less. I’ve already realized it’d be OP if that were the case. c:

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Thatd be a little exagerated indeed.

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Greedy is just fine, people forget that it weights 20kg.
Also they forget that -10 drain, meens +15 dmg each turn, over the Void.

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Physical good weapons count:
Night Eagle, Spartan Carnage, Annie, Terror Cry, NightFall, Mercy = 6

Energy good weapons count:
Val Sniper, BunkerS, LastW, MaliceB, AshC, EMP = 6

Heat good weapons count:
SupremeC, Deso, FlamingS, CrimsonR, Abo, HeatB, CorruptL, MagmaB, Sorrow (underrated IMHO) = 9

Heat is in the lead in my perspective… energy and Phys have so and so


I call on the main topic, of more and better phis wepons…
But i raise you this… what about Heat wepons… and don’t say Heatbomb, or FS, or Vandal… since let’s face it,those are in best case situational.