Physical Mechs Updated?

When you say Physical mech, you think maybe 2 annihilation, 2 nightfalls, zarkares, windigo or avengers. Now I know annihilation is strong… but isn’t the tactic of physical is to be destroy the other mech as quickly as possible?? Then why don’t we use the strongest weapons like the bunker shell and heat scope (i think Thats it) and others that are stronger than annihilation (which itself gives the same damage as practically all other weapons like Last Words). This will induce stronger mechs and give much more sense to the physical mech…

I know you can be energy broken and annihilation counters that but then I have started creating a mech that uses weapons with no intake of energy including annihilation and desolation which is a totaly separate genre of mech type which i’d like to Energyless Mechs

Any comments or debunks to some of the stuff I said?


This will help you:)


It’s not for nothing, but annihilation is already very op itself, a headache

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Yeah it’s annoying to fight…

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I will tell you, that although Bunker Shell/Magma Blast are quite strong, the few times I’ve encountered it on physical mechs it hasn’t helped them one bit. I believe its mainly due to the fact that all the resist drain you did doesn’t help them, as well as the fact they’re only one-shot and none of your follow up weapons build on them. Flaming Scope ought to work okay (though my mech personally shrugs it off).


Ahahah, if annihilation is OP, valiant sniperl is the God of OP. Days before I’ve done 170/200minimum damage with annihilation, wow its really OP


But of you use Bunker Shell / Flaming Scope in your mech it would NOT be a physical mech anymore lol, and it’s more based on resistance drain so you would be losing if you try a weapon mix.

the annihilation does not use energy that’s why it’s OP, anyone with 2 of these and more than 2000hp can be a lot of damage, until winning

Non sense, energy smash phys mech


yes thats why you cant kill my bulldog mech

heinz on pasta @Vicarious89

my construction of drained energy is not effective against people with 2 miniguns 2000 hp does not reach life.neither the heats because my weapons are distant …

Every build is op to someone else . That same build will get OWNED by someone else. Annihilation drawback is the distance limits . If it was 2-4 that thing would take the game over but it’s not . Energy just push it away or dual teleport . If they have high energy capacity then they get owned by high hp physicals with zero energy. Nothing is op now .

there is one thing that is super op … the mythic hp, the one that has one is almost certain to reach rank 1, the problem of the minigun that does not mention is the resistance that drains even with maximum protection is a mess, the mechs with annihilation pull hook, teleportation, is a mess, it would be more balanced if more rare items came out if I had a shotgun and crimson would not come