Physical mech questions

So I have been working on my 2nd mech a physical one this time and this is the progress I have made so far I would like some advice on what modules I should use . All items are legendary lvl 40 (besides the iron boots those are legendary lvl 13). I haven’t started working on my modules yet because I don’t know what the most effective ones are.

From this - to the image under it (Done in about 2 weeks)

  • These 2 images are a before and after *

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do not think it would be better to improve your first mech and then improve the next one because your first mech is missing a lot of things

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Note that the first image and the 2nd one are from the same mech that is just a more recent image showing the progress I made. My first mech is a energy mech that I kinda want to abandon (at least not upgrade any further) until I get specific items .


Well from what i can see… you got about 120 more hp from the modules alone.
Then another 380-509 hp from feet and torso(fully fused), depends on what you want.
That is a nice 500-700 more hp… that yoi will need.
Ditch the energy regen and put another hp plate.
Could be a top 100 mech if you fully fuse it.
The second mech(epic wedingo), ditch all legebdaries, put only lvl 1 epics on it… and join the GOAT tournament for some fun.

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Ah well if that is the progress improves all your modules to legendary can be said that is the basis of the mech

Ohh… befor and after… well follow the steps… i wrote…the build a GOAT mech and join the GOAT.
Patience ia key to succes.

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Your mech will be good when it will be finished … but … there is another option … you could place a heat drone that does not consume energy and remove the energy modules and the physical side weapon rank 2-4. Place the hook and charge.

As for the heat modules, 2 cooling mass booster is better. Remove the large heat / cooling module.

That way you will have a phys that will not need energy to work and with HP much higher.


This is mine (maxed) … I carry a physical drone, I could remove an HP plate and place heat drone. The same would be quite high HP…

(omg!! if all those HP plates were mythical !!)


I do not know about myself but I can be that combat tactics I have everything you have torso cooling plates etc


max out your moduals.

after the 1st smerf of physicals don’t waste your time they’ll change it again???

LOL looks like what I am going to try and build.
That is a lot of HP plates you don’t have any mythical plates?


Thanks !

Now i got a base to build off of :smiley:

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Nope, she has plenty of mythical HP plates but she uses epic ones.


I only have epics. I never had myths.

@Wepwawet If all 6 epic plates are mythical, let’s count, maxed myth 315 HP, epic 145HP, 315-145=170
6*170=1020, 2330+1020=3350HP!!! OK I’m dead…


And so it remains with AVENGER.

For my taste it is better to use WINDIGO. Avenger is much more difficult to balance. I tried all combinations of heat modules and this is the best, but 195 cooling can be low, so in the game you have to cool manually.

As in the other case, you can remove 1 HP plate and place a heat drone, which makes it quite independent of energy.

Fundamental place hook and charge.

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Ask Santa to bring them … :gift: