Physical mech help


This is the mech I would suggest

Torso: Zarkares
Legs: Claw / Iron Boots
Weapons: NightFall, Annihilation, Night Eagle
Utilities: Hook, Booster, Teleporter
Drone: Void
Modules: 2 Epic HP plate, 2 Heat Engines, 2 Energy Engines, 1 Cooling Booster, 1 Regen Booster

This would be a good starter mech for any player starting / making a physical mech


I have no Void. Sorry… but is there a substitute (Hurlbat doesn’t count)


Hell yeah!! That is what I NEED!! I’ve been reviewing all my posts. And now that I think about it that would be amazing for me.


Btw annihilation is BETTER than Mercy


coughs on drink…excuse me?..Anni is good for res drain but Mercy packs more of a punch…

Mercy is good with any leg, Anni is good with any leg except claw…claw has no push back, neither does anni for Nightfall


Well Anni has less of a damage spread (its like 100-200 vs 1-100) But with more damage.
Despite the less damage, there is more resistance drain and less damage spread.


One EMP later. better get those energy mods up,


Anni and I have a Legendary Energy mod, Heaters are my primary focus.




New Stats: 13%20AM


You do you bro


I thought that too, but most of the time Mercy will end doing more than half of its damage, so you won’t really care about the res drain…


To tell the truth its not so much difference the damage of annie and Mercy, Mercy just has more damage and knockback.


use the claw n you wont need to fill ur module slots with plates


The resistance, Sean, the resistance :man_facepalming:


This is a starter mech, this is the mech I think would be best for someone starting a physical mech…


Maybe it could works on an Avenger Fortress Updated build…

Tons of HP (through Claw or helped by it) and good heat stats, dual Annihi, NE, full utilities, could work…