Physical Mech build :))


Is this build ok???


depend on what you need.

is close to the high hellfire phys, and if has rockbitter and evil rock… could be enough to be maxed and get some wins with…

configs to beat you:

1.- energy (yeah your regen can be help on def but it you dont shot the nova before drain, its gonne…
2.- swarms (any of them {phys, heat,energy) more if they has pull.
3.- cancer… yep DS push can crush your dreams.
3.- USA with pull-knock-shield-lava… or maybe not, maybe one high 950hp+.

1.- change the armorbraker mk2 for mk1.
2.- for counter, change legs for the epick with 3 move, and 2knocks. (if you dont have steel barrier of course). ok less damage but more movility and you can make back lavasprays and hammers.

But, if that config work for you, congrats.