Physical, energy and heat version of every weapon


Well I was thinking of like top mounted Ani’s, with longer range, no energy use (this will bite me), either the same or more damage, maybe 10-15 resist shred. 2 use.

Although I’m happy to hear what other ideas people have.


Well, I cannot consider a physical weapon that does not even come close to the energy version as a true counterpart of the energy version.
In my opinion a true physical counterpart to Valiant Sniper would deal somewhere between 250 and 400 damage and in exchange also weight about the same as Valiant Sniper.
Well, something like Spartan Carnage with range 4-8 and higher resist drain but only 2 uses in exchange.


To me what we mostly need is a heat Terror Cry.
It’s nonsense we haven’t a free item covering 2-4 spots but just L-M items :sweat:


and Twisted Flux, F2P version of abomination ?


I was talking about items that can be upgraded to myth of course.
No one wants an epic garbage on his fully fused mech :sweat_smile:


because some weapons would be over powered like the lightning hamer


Top tier phys weapons, my dream​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Also i dont see why “last flames” wouldn’t be in the game, it was before and abomination isn’t obtainable for most people


I agree. Starcraft was another very balanced game as far as the races went. While I do like the idea of adding a version of all weapons, I feel it would be highly unbalanced as far as weapons go. Take that weapon with to shoots that does 123 energy dmg. Imagine that in heat version. Right very unbalanced. An energy backbreaker? pls no. I am all in consideration of the pros and cons of this, but I feel like the cons are way to great to be implemented.