Physical, energy and heat version of every weapon


What about physical Bunker Shell? Why not?


and I am purposeley saying that


I said that earlier…
Because it would do around 550-600 damage.
And if you ask why not an Annihilation Scope (phys FS)…Because it would do 1000 damage!
It’s better to have Bunker only as energy and heat variants…


it could use some tweaking but you are right


guys put a vote here to not have this implemented

  • Rly just stop
  • Rly pls no

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I believe this would count in the list of things the one lad asked you not to do.

This wouldn’t get implemented ever. So there’s no need for this, just drop the topic and carry on with your day.


nightfalls should not be nerfed


I personally enjoy games that are asymmetric. Like this is why Warhammer Online was my favorite PVP MMO, the two sides had different characters and abilities so it was always interesting.

It would be boring if all three types were the same in my opinion.


Amen! We definitely don’t want all types to be the same.


It is possible to counter energy, but it is very hard. Energy you can just slap the valient sniper right on and you are good to go.



We need the heat version of night eagle!

It´s the only weapon that brings the opponent to Rank 2 and puts it within reach of Reckoning. And it´s absurd that if you have heat mech, you have to use a phys weapon.


See that’s one weapon I agree with for all types. Just not stupid stuff like phys magma, or phys scope/energy scope.


Well,… as long as I would be the only one to have those weapons I think I’d like it.

Edit: But more than those I’d like 2 physical Valiants + 2 physical Magma Blasts. That would be like 4 shots to instant k.o.


But hell,a Valiant Heater sounds amazing!
Imagine a top weapon that would do 189 heat damage and have 2 uses along with that accessible range (unlike FS)…
Pretty broken tho yet very neat.


Physical valiants already exist… they’re called desert fury.


Notice how malice beam does 123 energy damage?

Ans Coreput light 89-ish?

Yeah the valiant heater wont do 189.
More of a 120-140


Now, imagine you had 2 of those. :heart_eyes:


There’s a reason why that wouldn’t be done. (Typo).

Valiant hits for below 400 DMG (400 if lucky like rising), scope hits double.

Scope hits double the DMG but for one hit.

Call it balance. And I’d hope, that Energy Scope will NEVER be added.

Although Val-Heater would be nice, although lke ES, unlikely.

(Small Note): I WOULD LOVE A HEAT VALIANT. 4-8 range just like VS. (Ok Small Note Over).


First of all…Hell yeah,I’d love dual wielding these contraptions!
Second of all…I know this is unlikely to happen and pretty unrealistic.I though we were all fantasizing so I gave it a shot too :laughing::laughing:


Valiant Heater - sounds like a good idea. And a Heat night eagle would work too I think.

But before we add more heat weapons, I think physical needs some love first… so little variety there. Not that I have any ideas, unfortunately.