Physical, energy and heat version of every weapon

Why did you do this tactisoft

Because some weapons would be over powered in some types…


but why can’t some weapons be overpowerd in some types because energy is overpowered in most areas so why can’t physical and heat?

you wanna say that…

flaming scopes arent BROKEN?



Would you like a Valiant Heater?
Or Maybe a Last Flames to push and destroy your cooling?
A 1-use Annihilation Punch to do 600 true damage in an instant?
Oh,oh,even better!
How about a Physical Scope that does 1000 damage at range 8…or an Electric Scope?
Please no…


ok I get it but energy is overpowered in most areas

I would advise dropping this thread. Since now technos going on about everything BUT energy being overpowered.

Ignore this mess honestly.


So what?
A good energy-free build could be more overpowered :slight_smile:

the game is balanced

energy = insane damage when drained

heat = dead when they overheat you

physical = well you are dead in 4-6 turns


fine I will drop this thread

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Flaming Scope is everything but not broken. It’s really rare to be in the condition to shoot with that weapon.

still tho your ass be dead when you are stupid enough.

cough cough me

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I didn’t say ‘‘Drop it’’,don’t take me wrong…
But I seriously hope you don’t actually want an Electric Scope or a Valiant Heater…

I think he meant to tag me there, not you. I told him to drop the topic due to well, the stupid bias people have against certain types.

no I don’t want that that would be unfair but why is enegy dominant in most areas

cant argue , but most people say the game is balanced so just go with the flow

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ok fine then but at least make energy, heat, and physical dominant in equal amounts of areas

please tactisoft may you please at least do that

@Sarah247 @Mohadib please

They won’t do that. Otherwise the top energy players will cry about them being too overpowered.

There’s a reason why people say the games balanced. They don’t want to lose out on being top dog with braindead energy. And begging won’t help, really doubt they’d care to make the other two types dominant as well.

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