Physical confusion


Haha … no worries, since I need to be in good shape for my real life sport, there are no extra kg :exclamation:



Probably because annihilation doesn’t have knockback,which means the enemy energy mech cannot use two weapons in the same turn,also because anni has more drain,more stable dmg and is lighter than mercy


Not gonna lie, this gives me confidence in dealing with Ani rn.

Lowballing the shit outta me with them 190-200s (@ - res).


My opinion: If you have Claw, then annihilation is pointless. The Claw does same/more damage as a range 1 weapon. Mercy is much better than Anni if you need push into range 3 for Spartan builds. Anni is useful on none-Claw builds though as energy-free weapon. I’d rather free up weight for mercy on my builds.

But all builds/play styles/needs are different.


I use mercy on one build :wink:


Mercy is very heavy,plus it pushes.
It makes you give up on something on your build and,if you’re a stationary phys,it will kill your 1-2 range.


Mercy is for spider mechs.

All i know…(I had mercy once.)