Physical confusion


Well Mercy does more damage than annhilation but why people like @HappyPoppers ,Hamza and others prefer annhilation over Mercy ?


well you see annhilation has no cost and good drain coming from a phy piolet


Maybe they don’t have a mercy


Um…mercy has res drain as well as no cost…coming from a physical pilot


This is most likely the case, I don’t believe I’ve seen those guys with mercies before.

Plus, Ani isn’t too bad. Well when it doesn’t roll 190 @ -46 res.(not rly but idk someones luck has to be that bad).


well i dont have mercy


That explains why you didn’t know


It’s also got a higher minimum damage… which is pretty useful.

It’s like a guarantee over 300 damage while Mercy can sometimes do only 200


Happy is one of the top builders and player in this game, thats why he has been and is a top player. Youd see his inventory youd cry, looks like a r3 one. He doenst have merxy, doenst have plat plates etc…


What about Hamza bro?


Same thing… im nit sure if he has or doesnt mercy. Since both need to pack a lot a plates, weight management is also a parameter for mercy vs anni


Ok thanks bro
So using annhilation is not bad either


Different parameters different builds. But yes, anni is not bad for sure…


I have 3 Mercy, don’t use them, even fused my 4th away :exclamation:

Here the reason :

  • Annihilation 65 kg

  • Mercy 84 kg



Ok I think I will also use annhilation and get more hp


All depend on your weapon set up. I use dual spartan, so i need the push. Besty use NF, spartan, so anni is fine and she earns some kg…


Let me show u 2 builds Lord


First one without a doubt…


Ok thanks lord Gorgon


(Never say that to a girl ever XD) Dual spartan is a amazing build, Thus I need a spartan