Physical Builds for Countering EMP Energy Mechs

Come on guys, we need ideas. This mech was drained on my opponents first turn 753/314 energy. It did not recover weapons capability until it was dead.

I’m hating the idea of having to pack 6/7 energy engines. What on earth to do?

Why do you have an regin for phys?
Remove that and add an enerygy module

Energy builds will have a tough time I fear. No energy heat builds will fair better.

It has to battle at least 2 types. In this case phys/energy.

Thanks for the screenshots, @Mr.E. Today, after a heavy grind of the portal (I plan to sit all day and burn all my 500 toks earned esp for this portal) I am pulling my socks up to build 2 counters:

  1. 1 high drain and high energy EMP ele for countering energy mechs like @Nagibator
  2. 1 high HP ene mech for countering monsters like you and Lordgorgon (but this is the hard part without claws, PlatPlates, res mods and stuff…)
  3. I will also fine-tune my all rounder to be viable against heaters and physicals. Will I manage to get it viable against energy as well? We shall see…
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I think the best way to address this is to fight fire with fire.

I’ve been experimenting with an Avenger energy/phys counter that packs 7 engines with 2 EMPs.

It’ll be theoretical, but it’ll spell out certain death for energy mechs at ranges 2-4 alike.

I await your meme dear friend.

Provided you still have enough energy to fire 2 EMPs. So the scenario must be: you start with rank 3 and with the first action. You fire first emp… and that is it. I do not think you ever be able to fire another one…

Nothing to meme about… I am disappointed with the EMP… I though this is going to be a heavy drainer… Instead, I received a really mediocre weapon…

The final energy stats w/ buffs will be around 950/320 energy. I’ll be able to fire a double salvo in one turn.

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WTF are you talking about? It drains 400+ arena shop perks in one blast. Can’t you see the effects?


At the same time you loose 400 energy. I thought this is going to be a higher drain weapon, and with perks I will be able to gain at least a slight advantage over the enemy… Right now I am disappointed. BUT THIS IS BASED ON 0 BATTLES IN THE ARENA, I AM GRINDING THE PORTAL ALL DAY. So we shall see the final effects of the EMP in the evening, broh…

I believe packing a lot energy is the only solution.
It does 400+ drain with arena shop buff. So getting energy engines is all we can do.

Or even better just quit on any mech equipping the EMP :joy::ok_hand:

It should be exactly 476 energy drain… But you expose yourself so much against another energy mech…

Heat bomb is an easy direct counter to EMP

Yes but it is a light specialized wepon.
And at range 1, combined with ash and windforge, you are looking at 720 energy drain in exchange of 520 energy.
And it works better then the heat bomb.
Ps: Cant belive Nagi built that… ha ha ha… it was just an ideea but that guy went for it. Kudos Nagi.

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Heat bomb makes you lose a turn, because you cooldown and lose an action.
While energy consumed is regenerated at the end of your actions.

You’re missing the point of this weapon. It is a counter-type weapon primarily for use against physicals and heats.

You need to take note of the items that have been released lately, all counter-type items.

Only physicals are left out in this regard. So I suggest a range 1-8 annihilation that has unlimited uses and weights 65kg. I’m not kidding.


Make spartan energy free. @Sarah247


Make energy weapons unlimited use. @Sarah247