Physical abomination... Boom

usually they carry windigo or zarkares, but the avenger is there they just do not want to use it to put a single module heat, so you can say that good items do not have one thing they want to have more heat and choose the zarkares

Have you seen “Demise”?

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They have terror cry, heats have it worse in the 2-4 range cause abomination is premium

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well if they have a heat torso no wonder they have that much heat capacity, and most that use avenger with no modules is because they want to go full overpower hp or something like that

that looks neat! what would be the stats?

well true, finding an abomination is super hard if you aren’t in the top ranks, and some of the new items really haven’t helped heat with the 2-4 range… maybe they should try making a 2-4 epic to myth weapon for heat

Didn’t think about them.
I want a suprise :slight_smile:
I bring the sprite,you bring the stats.

maybe: 1-2 or 2-4 range
damage (for heat and energy): 245-350
(energy and heat damage): 75
damage for phy: 285-400
uses: 2
cost: … idk
weight: … maybe 65
and im talking if it was max myth… i think it needs some tweaking to this stats but what do you think so far?

For range,seems 2-4 is better.
I mean we already have Annihilation and NightFall,so how about this:

Keep the damage.
Keep the two uses
Add big resistance drain.
Keep the weight.
Make it a 34-34 cost or lower the res drain and make it energy-free (still balanced as it has only 2 uses).


Make it a 1-use
Double the damage (but still,would have a huge gap bwtween max and min dmg).
Energy-free with no res drain.
Energy-dependent with huge drain (talking about around 25-30 since it’s a 1 use heavy beast)
1 push since the impact is very strong


3 uses
Range 2-5
225-350 damage
12 res drain
65 kg (same as Annihilation for an alternative).

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i think the last 2 options sound the best
but i was saying 1-2 because (let’s say this starts from epic) heat doesn’t have good 1-2 ranges except for abomination which is a premium, but the 2-5 sound actually like a great range, and the push sounds like a plan too!

edit: lol just realized i put abomination, wrong weapon

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Actually,Abomination is a medium range (2-4) weapon.
But nvm.
This would be the physical counterpart of the Abomination that shoots with the power of a Mercy or even Magma Blast (remember the Apocalypse’s sound,the very loud Bam?Oh yeah,pretty strong shot from that barrel).
That’s the idea for the push.It’s a very strong shooter.
Like this,it would balance out the damage,as it would make you Annihilation go out of range after usage so you won’t be able to use it.Maybe use a NF,but if you’re drained it still won’t help.
So this is as strong as it is tricky to use :slight_smile:

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It would need to be premium tho

Will further think about this!

wow, that sounds like a good way to balance it now that i think about it

So u say recko isn’t a good weapon?

Not a bad idea,since it’s al alternative to a f2p.

yeah (dont have much to say)

Reckoning is a L-M.

recko? (still trying to remember the names of items and stuff)

Same as Abomination, but I guess I need to get deeper into this topic to understand…

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