Physical abomination... Boom

i know that phy mechs have been given the back of the developers… they’ve been basically forgotten (if it wasn’t for the grave diggers) but since phy mechs are not really getting that much love i feel that they should get a new weapon… like a phy version of abomination! i’ve been thinking about it lately and i think it would be very useful! just you know add some damage to the abomination stats… maybe more or less weight and change the heat and energy cost and boom, a phy abomination

i’ve also thought of names to relate it to abomination like “monstrosity” or “catastrophe”

so? what do you guys think? better names? what stats would be like? maybe yes or nah?
and please dont hate me about it, i just think that phy mechs deserve a little better

you feel a little bad, the physics are the mechs with which the game initiates you, they are also those who have op epic-mitic weapons, the weapons of the portals in general, with the exception of face shoker and zarkares, have been secondary items.

yeah, they just need some better stuff and then hopefully phy will get an advantage like energy and heat mechs have cause of new items

I do not see advantage vandal or flaming scope, the physicists have their good things, it is better to stay as any physicist can simply put hp and a little heat and it is op, do not depend on the energy as the heats so If you gun something decent you could beat both of them.

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Now that I think about it physical don’t have any rocket weapons

you need it, you do not already have your terror cry, if you do not use it less the aabo physical

yeah, but like builds with dual vandal can wreck your cooling to like 20 or so and flaming scope is basically being hit with a truck if you happen to be in range, but heat also has zark torso which is pretty sweet while phy mechs only got grave diggers which tbh kinda suck because of the trash hp

yeah… i wish they made some rocket weapons not only for phy but maybe for all the three

if you do not heat and cooling your mech, you can not say that these weapons are op, they are super easy to counteract, I being heat I laugh at the people who wear that

well yeah but a good set to go with dual vandal would be like 2 corrupt lights and maybe another weapon that can push, then basically you’ll get heated quickly and you wont come out of the over heat

which is what you want, the heats we need but a last word or terror cry heats, they already have their terror cry use it and do not ask for absurd weapons

dude :expressionless: the heat mechs sure do need a heat terror cry (basically last words) but the phy mechs are in a big disadvantage with new items that sure are somewhat trashy with their stats but if used properly are actually pretty good and could get you to a decent rank

put the mech 2 heat engine and a cooling engine and there will be no disadvantage, if you want to gain heats put heats, do not expect things to be easy


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i dont expect things to be easy, and of course anyone knows that they should add those if they want, but heat and energy are the only ones that have been receiving new items that have very good potential
having a phy verson of abomination wouldn’t make it easy for phy mechs, it woudl just help so they’re not as defenseless

nice, wish i could edit like that
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Look, I’ve seen many physicists with 2200 hp and only 401 heat is to say they only have 1 heat engine, so who does not beat them, even I earn them having less hp, they made their decision, lose heat gain physical

why is that there???

well do they have a heat torso? or just full phy