Phys Version of FS LS

So with all the Scope weapons now in the game, how about a phys variant?

I would call it The Turret. Basically like a tank shell that fires from range 8+.

Weighs say 27kg and does 800+ damage and 30 res drain.

Heat and energy cost at 31/31

We physicists are lacking weapons!

Would love @KilliN to do the concept art. Or, I can do it myself with a little guidance, eg. format of final artwork, vector or raster etc.


@lordgorgon @bestplayerintheworld What do you think?


No god!
If phys will be added,it will kill one epic mech with one shot!

That thing will be OP as hell.

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I have made some stats about this back then, I reckon it was something like this :

Name : The Turret/Diamond Scope/Demolisher Scope/No Mercy
Physical damage : 623-999
Physical res. Drain : 30-40
1 use
160 Energy cost
160 heat cost
Range : 8 or 9… Actually I don’t remember.
Weight : 33-43


No the cost is @The_Yo_Yo_Man

lololo k did is da stats lol ;

-1 - 0 dmg
+1 res
492939 uses
-1 energy cost
-2 heat cost
-104029 weight lololo

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Same as two phys weapon shots really. It’s about deterrent and tactics, just like FS and LS.

Why the hell we phys get left in the dust all the time?!


Theres a reason why some l-m counter parts dont exist.

Im sorry , but no.
Phys is imbalanced



I don’t understand.

My ideas about sh*t

Buff Bloodweep.
Buff Sweetie.
Nerf Spartan SLIGHTLY in the weight or dmg.
Buff Seraph’s dmg by 25.
Remove energy cost for Greedy (the one I’m waiting for)


we need u to use it @The_Yo_Yo_Man

This don’t make sense. Spartan is fine as is. In fact dual Spartan plus Claw is no longer even a thing. It doesn’t work post-claw no push back nerf. My Spartan hit for 216 earlier, so no thanks!


Frist of all, i am not that top player
Second of all, i am not that kind of phys fan.

I shall think of this.

I know u are a heat mech ok

Id gladly use something like this good bro.
Id even tweak the res dmg a tad more :sunglasses:


Phis is the dominant type nowadays.
Phis rules, on low, mid, top ranks.
Has the single most OP item atm.That provides Phis with the highest Dmg between 3-6 range, shreding evrithing in those ranges…
And you want Phis to gain, supreme firepower at even range 8…
20 lol…
But NO.


On the other hand they need to lose one of their spartan to equip one so…

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That is gonna be a bad thing for phis builds.
If they lose their dmg potential at above range 3, even with phis scope, it will just make them really weack.
Phis rely on combos, and while spartan is OP.
They don’t have wepons at +4 range that they can use.
If they take one of their spartans down… will weaken them too much.
I like balanced things, while still looking for new things, in builds.
This Phis scope thing… doesnt seem right.
Neither does the Electric one… evry type should have their nice strategies, like hiden stuff, combos.
What would it be if Electric and Heat got spartans too… we would have mechs sitting and shooting… without any other tactic or strategy.

You just stated the pb mate.
We dont have building alternatives.
You know me, i have my fun in the workshop for most.
Id be happier than my oponents to drop my dual spartan builds, and work on smthing different. There is nothing else relevant unfortunately…

I do not run a dual Spartan set up on any of my mechs now, not even the anti-energy. It’s just stupid on a Claw build, too easy to get trapped with just stomp. Phys builds are now weaker and vulnerable with dual Spartan on a Claw. To be honest, I find no difference between Spartan and Nightfall. I’m doing much better like this. Thanks.