Phys frustration

So listen, I’ve considered all types of ways to counter moves in the ever growing phys arsenal problem that plagues the arena today. Here is what my experience has taught me as of late. I do a “push” “push” strategy…they pull, I teleport they hook, I jump they jump…I run they teleport…with the kind of power in the anni’s and NF, it’s next to impossible to win. In all honesty, I know I know, if u can’t beat em, join em right? I shouldn’t have to build a phys to compete against a phys. I feel like that’s just a band aid for the real problem. I don’t have a premium arsenal of energy weapons so it’s really hard for me to have an even fair battle let alone the upper hand. So, what do I do…build something out of sheer necessitie and forget about fun? Or let TS know just how fed up I am and bail on this game? I know there are several of you considering the same thing. Being “forced” to spend time/money to create builds JUST to stay competitive is not freedom and choice but more like the mindset of “planned obsolescence” meaning either keep up with the jonses or face the wrath of losing.


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just become one with the phy

you’re gonna marry phy? :joy:


Dude, I’ve tried EVERYTHING that is at my ready and available…push push(last words,repulsors) long range weaponary, teleporting, jumping,rolling,flipping,cartwheels, jumping jacks…EVERYTHING I have available

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Have you tried making counter builds? Such as high HP/PHYS res builds (that also pack a punch).

Physicals really aren’t difficult to defeat (unless you’re gorgon, rico, E, or any other top tier phys player).

(have two high phys counters also helps majorly).


I agree adapt or die is one thing but to HAVE to build phys…,there HAS to be alternatives

Do u mean build a phys type build with these stats? Or…

An energy with these stats. You are an energy main correct?

@lordgorgon @Mr.E you guys giving this young lad some help with counter phys builds?


build a counter set-up like me,I have a phys that has high heat stats but low energy and avg. HP,and an energy that can fight phys mechs and other energy mechs.

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Yes I am…could u please continue regarding how you would build an energy to counter phys arsenal…I’m ALL ears

Wait for EMP

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Well I’m not the best at it. But as Legacymech said, build an energy with less energy, but immense HP/PHS resist. It really helps counter those tough physicals.

(this also works for other types as well. As lordgorgon and mr e will hopefully tell you).

I also recently scored s plat plate…maybe this could help with this build u speak of

Mass Drain > Damage = Profit

what every energy expects. Let’s see if it turns out to be legit

Physicals have at least one weapon that is energyless so you gotta energy break them so they can’t use weapons with energy. Then you move away unless you have push weapons like Last words and Bunker shell or the shotgun.

And also… make a physical. It’s actually the best plan of all

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Mate what you need to do has been mentioned.
You need a counter build. Pack as less energy as possible (just enough to be able to shoot your things), then hp, phys res module.

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ok…so stack an assload of plat plates and epics with a couple energy engines (maxed obviously) and a myth phys plate as well

This was me 10 weeks ago lol.

Now I’m converted to phys, and a top 10 player.


Should I use energy torso for this type build?