Phys Counter Counter



The hero we needed all along


I’ll make a phys counter counter counter soon


Just use an energy mech


a physical mech use a hot flash



Dat is sum good mech :+1:

Use Zark if u want


Brutality should stick to its diet.


Would u mind Voltaire to share the module setup


Two engines and a booster,the rest is plates


And bro tell me alot of top players prefer annhilation over Mercy
Why and should I too change to annhilation


Mercy is a magical shotgun that can outdamage my Magma Blast, keep it


And will use maxim protector imstead


I’ll prefer keeping a maximum protector instead of a plate


good pyhis counter it has


It also smacks heat counters


How is this
Thou I had to remove Spartan Carnage but I do put a night eagle instead


Looks good, consider using a Heat Storage Unit if you have one


@PyroBlitz as Voltaire said:
“I dont agree with you, but i can die for you to express your ideas”

(I mounted a emp on one of my builds. Works marvelous)


Ok I do have heat storages
But is removing Spartan ok
Wait let me show u my other build which I was using till now