Petition to remove power kits


I believe that power kits should be removed from the game. This is why:
In the old version, power kits served a purpose, as it did not cost money to fuse, so they saved you from using items.

Now, it costs money to fuse, inventory limits are in place, and most people boost all their items away except for the ones they carry on their mechs. So, unless they made power kits cost no money to boost into an item, they are useless.

But they are not only useless, they are also harmful. Many times, players will spend tokens that they worked hard to get, and a potential epic or even legendary item will be replaced by a power kit. And they cant even be used as myth food, so they totally and completely replace a potentially good item.
So, I will put a poll here on who agrees with me. If I get a mostly unanimous vote for enough people, I will tag the devs. Let me go over the optionsL

If you select that they should be removed, that would mean that they no longer exist in the game anymore

Selecting that nothing should change would mean the current power kit system would stay the same

Selecting that they should be modified would mean that you would want to keep kits, but change them in same way, For example, you could say that boosting with a power kit does not cost gold, and Bestplayerintheworld suggested that they be taken out of boxes and put into shops. If you pick this option, please comment that change you have in mind :slight_smile:

  • I believe that Power Kits should be removed
  • I believe that nothing should change
  • I believe that Power kits have to be modified but not removed.

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If it is ok for you, I move this thread to “Ideas & Features” :question:

All you wrote is absolutly correct :exclamation:

My respect :bangbang:

Only what I would suggest differently …

  • remove them from all chests

  • add them for sale as it was in old SuperMechs

… would be more money for tacticsoft, no anger about kits in the chests, would be a faster way to boost, for the once who are willing to spend tokens or real money :exclamation:



I would change just one thing - delete epic and legendary kit. If you find rare kit it is ok, you get ton of rare items. But yea… Legendary kits are stupidest thing in game.


Alright, thanks for your thoughts on it!


I think they should be kept, but be more rare to find, and give lots more boost than a regular item, and cost no money to use

This would make them something you would aim to get


So, how about a rare power kit boosts like an epic, and so on, it costs no money to boost, but now they are more rare than before?


Look … if something is not right or doesn´t work rightr, better ask that they eliminate it, that set it on fire.

Because if you ask to be modified, TS takes months to modify something. So better remove them and that’s it.


You already know … Maintaining the legend kits is eliminating the competition, you know that garbage legends are a good way to eliminate competition


Im going to let this vote go on for a bit more, and if it stays mostly or completely unanimous about power kits, in that it should be either changed or removed, Im gonna pm the link to the thread and a screenshot of the poll to sarah


I got a legendary power kit…You know already.
I was so p***ed at that…

Plus,fusing with items is more efficient than fusing with power kits.
Also,as you said…They can end up as drops when you could get something much better.
They’re useless right now.
I hope they either get an actual use or they get deleted.


the power kit is very useful to improve mythic weapons with 20 legendary power kit is enough to improve a mythic level 50 so in my opinion they would not have to be eliminated (maybe they would have to be improved but still do not cost so much money in improve them)


It really is not that efficient with a pair of power kit is enough to climb several levels a mythical weapon


I say we remove them, until a better use is made


So? It also takes 20 legendary items to boost a mythical to level 50. The only difference between a normal legendary item and a power kit is that

  1. Power kits cant be used in transformation
  2. When you get a legendary power kit, that means that the kit replaced a potentially good item.


Actually, items are more efficient, because you can pair them up by type and item type to get extra boosting points, so power kits are useless in every way


improving a power kit in legendary is very easy that would make anyone get mythical very easily

For you it is useless in every way but ami serves me :slight_smile:


How? Like i said, there is NO difference between a power kit and a normal item…
and also, you cant “farm” power kits like they claim you can, as it costs more to boost a kit to max then the actual output of a maxed kit!


Power units do not have any more boost than an item
Many players spend money to try and get a premium item, but instead get a power kit
Sure, you might be the the person who finds them useful, but everyone else hates them.


It happened to me once but as I always say “it’s better than not getting anything”


What…that makes no since…as you would have gotten an actual item…who knows? What if instead of getting a legendary kit, kits did not exist and you instead got an item…what if it was something awesome, like a crimson rapture…or a legendary hp module?