Petition For L4K3 To Change His Profile Pic Back and Miss Us With That Weeb Shit


Do You Think L4k3 should change his pic back from this weeb shit to his old pic we all know and love or atleast one of a similar nature

  • Yes
  • No
  • Hell Yes
  • What was he even thinking?
  • I want to hurt anime watchers
  • turn tokyo into a blast crater, weebs to the ovens now
  • I think this malicious thread was intended to hurt the feelings of someone close to me and misfit should be ashamed of his actions

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on a scale from one to ten 1 being very offended and 10 being extremely offended, how offended were you when you saw L4K3’s new avatar?

  • 10
  • 10 again
  • double 10
  • Ben 10 is my favourite anime

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Why do you care about him anymore? His opinion officially does not matter to anyone.

You know the modern saying: People with anime profile pictures opinions do not matter.


He still has time to be saved from this abyss. Ive lost three friends and one cousin to anime personally. it’s a terrible addiction.

just terrible.


Call upon the PFP Council


Its very sad…i liked his opinion. It mattered. Now it matters no longer…


@L4K3 please heed our council


I miss 2016 Zarkares.


I miss arc too.

one of many casualties of time.

life is one big morphing cluster ■■■■.

don’t get sentimental or you’re as good as throwing your feelings onto a motorway to be run over.


Misfits topics are the heart and soul of this forum :joy:


I realized I lost a good friend in @L4K3 when I saw he went full weeb, there will be no more breeeeeeing or slaughter houses now :cry: . He will be missed may his soul rest in peace.


Alright,I’ll change it back!
Just alow me to gey home first and I will.



*cough * I mean, yay, thank you


I’m not putting the defibrillators away yet, but I have faith that you will kick your addiction. Or here’s a helpful illustration for you