Pet Competition Vote Now!


i respect my pets like people except for the group of ass holes other wise i do respect them


yay revive time lets talks about pets


Too bad that my pet its not alive now (but it was not cute anyway)
He was an scorpion


Scorpions are kinda cute. But they’re cool.


I don’t have pets bcause my grandma hate fur / feather / poo :frowning:


my cocker spaniel:


forgot one


also @lordgorgon should deffinitely enter this.


Well, I don’t have a pet but ima leave this here…


Only fools would want to face Marcel in a pet competition…


More funny than cute
Literally you can drug it with cofee
Or activate “party mode” with uv light
Btw he was an black emperor scorpion that specie is scary AF


Can i post photo of some random emperor scorpion, because i want to participate but i dont have any photo of abomination ( my scorpion)


The pet competition is now active the poll is at the top and the contestants. You have six days to vote on which you think is the cutest.


Wow, only 3 votes, and that is only the Master votes. lol…


I don’t like purse dogs like Marija’s but I guess that’s what most people like lmao, I think your dog is cuter than hers’ but I love my beautiful German Shepherd more than any other dog.

Baz has a really cute dog too.


Only 10 hours left and the poll closes if you haven’t voted; vote now!


Congrats @Marija your dog won!


oh thats nice good job
maybe if i had a better pic


Cruelest topic of the month.


You’re the one that had the Barney profile pic right?

if you entered Barney you would have won for sure