Pet Competition Vote Now!


You’re in the competition!


@Winz_Kay <- My pet wabbut. :3




i only going to shoot yah if i see you eating my fish


You can’t be in the competition unless you have a pic.


i know i ma find that nice one i got before


Serious, wow… I guess you missed seeing me eating your goldfish, two hours ago. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yo btch no touch my gold fish i ma eat dinner but if i see you eat my gold fish you dead


Already ate him…


okay thats it
Image result for rage anime gif
i ma fucking kill you


any ways here you go 2 old pic s i found
i dont go a phone so these are the only ones i have
and yo btch stay away from my gold fish


I see nothing but water…

… Oh wait, there it is…


yes it kind of small it got bigger though
it used to be so small like super small
no fish eating


You’re in the competition!


hehehehehe yay

if any one even touch my fish/fish tank or goes with in 2 feet of it

Image result for naruto rasengan gif


Here my pet fish he died so I cook him :smiley:


its not funny for real like i will kill any one who touchs the fish/fish tank will die


Umm he died I cooked him, it’s my respect for him.
What u want burry him to warm eat his’s body?


i would have had burned his body and kept it on my self


Don’t need to sad just think it’s respect u give for him :smiley: