Perk for big events?


Support tells me that theyre a small team so i guess this wont be a thing that we see soon, or maybe im wrong, well lets go

Technically SM its a fb game at some point because its too complex to be just an old flash game made just to be fun and show adds, so, why we dont have interesting things of other social games?
well this would be a posible adition to start
first than all 3 spots for perks because cmn everybody love to combine decorations right?
well with major events like christmas and halloween the game should introduce a new perk available for gold only during event time then available for tokens
would be like 3-5 new perks per year but at least we could have more original mechs
you could even put a fan art event to get fresh ideas
so what do you think guys?[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2 public=true]

  • Yay! i wanna have perks!
  • Meh i really dont care
  • Sounds nice but i preffer to get tokens!
  • Lets make the post with the ideas for perks