Perfect Campaign Mission

I just pulled off a perfect campaign mission. First time ever completing one with zero hp surrendered to the opponent. Perhaps this could become an achievement? Perhaps extra gold? What say you @Mohadib or @Sarah247


Achievement is good idea

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would be good get a fortune box x every first 3 boss perfect missions
every day
like some extra daily mision after the 10 tokens, to motivate players on play ur game

other missions could be:
-win a pvp battle on 3 turns or less (at least that would give us something from quiters)
-deal 1k heat
-drain 500 energy on a single battle
-win with a bullseye
-perform 10 overkills

and so on, just think on it like a way to motivate players to play, it doesnt have to give premium things but fortune boxes are a great motivation since theyre pretty rare, gold and stamina rewards with this could be good

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A perfect mission from r each world in the campaign would be sweet. I like the incentives you stated above . Anything new will help with motivation

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