People's Progress on War Robots

That’s pretty good!

This is my current hangar:

Edit: I am a Master II at the moment, soon a champion!


Come on in…the waters fine!


How long did you guys take to reach that level @Alex_Iron, @MjolnirHammer ?

10-12 months…and real life cash to cut down on build times.


Well, a pretty long time especially because i haven’t been lucky enaugh to drop a Ravana, Ivory Ravana or Nighingale from event boxes, all i got were componemts so i had to spemd months producing thousands of components for both the robots.

I am also lucky because i am getting many advatages by watching ads, you know… free components, silver, gold, 10 key boxes, platinum, experience…

I am still holding platinum to change my titan, waiting for the Nodens to be available in the titan shop.


About done all I can do in WR…onto new machines for the garage and hiring a full time employee. We have been getting very busy as of late. Less time for play…more time for green!
Stay Safe and have fun.


New drop! :grin:


I’ve been playing WR since 2014. I got bored of my god acc 5 months ago, so i made a new one. I know that this will sound DUMB but im in master 3 and IM STILL USING FUJIN.
That’s because im a very good player and you know, the workshop is shit.
Crazy but im using 2 ravanas 1 fujin and 1 OutDated Mobile Gun Battery(if you are a real old player you can find out the name of the bot).
Fujin has very low height which makes it a good loki hunter.


I might use fuijin, but probably only when I unlock my 5th slot, as it’s too costly in silver and isn’t very effective unless you’re already have the weapons for it, like tarans. As of right now, my current plan is to produce Lancelot components as my 4th robot, buy Ancile and 2 Taran, and then upgrading my all of my stuff to level 8. And I’m not that old of a player, I’ve only been playing since 2017. And Fury is still good, I’ll produce it in workshop with 3 Flux in the future, once I got to Diamond League (And my stuff is level 10 at least).

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By the way, can you still get lots of gold if you’re offline for a month or more?

Fujin is a great robot to start with, 5 million silver is not little ofc. Another deent bot is Leo, you can turn it into a machine gun with punishers and Avanger, i used to run a bot like that.

Why producing components for Lancelot when you can produce Ravana, Nightingale, Leech, Ao Jun, Fenrir… components, or even Loki or Phantom if you like bitcoin rush more that deathmatch.

If you want a Tank, Fenrir is defenetly better, a Lancelot with Ancile is food for a storm Ravana who runs into you or energy weapons.

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You’ll be pissed off by Lancelot’s speed, it’s slow like a turtle…

I still hate myself for wasting time on that Lancelot…

I’m not a p2w, and those new robots will take me a year and lots of silver to produce, I’m not playing competitively, afterall. And lancelot is still good for mid-league like Gold and Diamond. I already have a Avenger/Punishers Leo, this Lancelot will be my second brawler. Plus, Lancelot will only take me a month or two and 17 million silver.

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MY LUCKY DAY!! :grin::grin:


How much boxes did you open already?

Honestly i have no idea, as soon as i get 100 event coins i go buy a 100 coins box, if i’m lucky i get something good instantly, else i get power cells.

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I have 5 of them :frowning:

Ancile is a good choise because freeze is in fashion but dont try lancelot.
Try reach 4000 gold to buy a better phys shield bot(raijin) and produce components
for tempest(so when you reach 4000 gold you will have it too).
Dont do the same mistake i did(to produce components for a bot which is completly useless in hight leagues).


Thats why lancelots ability has very small cooldown.

I am good with my 2 Ravanas, it’s boring to play with more bots of the same kind.

Show us your hangar!