People's Progress on War Robots

I’ve recently started playing WR again, and on a brand new account as well. This is my progress after 2 days (8 hour?) playing the game. Obviously I won’t try to be a competitive player, because the game itself is very much p2w. My goal is to reach Diamond League and just chill there. I used Bluestacks because if you download the Steam Client, you can’t use ads to get extra resources and save time on stuff. I’ll make updates on my progress weekly or so, until I get to Silver League, then it’s probably going to be monthly.


Steam is also separate from Android, iOS, and others.

Yeah, but now they’re starting to merge iOS and Android, Bluestacks is on Android.

You can play together now, but can’t squad or join the same clan.

Oh, Steam Client, that’s nice to know. That sounds a lot better than playing on the phone. The fonts on the phone are micro sized. I’ll get blind from reading it! :dizzy_face:

Nice mechs. The screen layout looks different than I remember it.

Rip Super Mechs though… :bouquet:


Steam’s development is behind mobile, so it’ll take a while.

Yeah, that’s true. The game isn’t really popular on steam either.

Progress Update #1
It’s been 4 days (26 hours?, don’t judge me) since I started playing, I have upgraded all of my 3 robots and their respective weapons to level 6. I have also reached Silver 3 for League and unlocked the Workshop. I am now saving my gold to buy the Avenger, the heavy version of Punisher to replace Thunder and am currently upgrading 3 Punishers to level 6 to replace the Pinatas on my Leo.

My profile.

Avenger, the weapon I’m saving gold for.

I advice you to keep your gold and buy raijin.
Also save silver to buy fujin and 3 punishers for it.
Avenger is good but its just a weapon. Raijin gets 30% more damage while in bastion mode so you dont need to buy dmg mudales.(and it has the strongest physical shield in the game.

Fuijin isn’t really good above silver league though, because it’s slow and has little health, so it’s not good as a brawler, besides, it’s very expensive, 6 million silver. As for raijin, I’ll save my gold on it after I bought the Avenger and then buy another Avenger. I just need way to farm silver faster, so Avenger is good because of its damage.
After that, I’ll produce components for lancelot so I can do a tarancilot. Thanks for the tips though.

Once you get to a higher level, you should watch out for all those P2W bots.

Also Ancilot is good.

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Yeah, I’ll just get to Diamond League and stop there. Anything higher than that will take years.


Most important thing is to have fun. Do not let the P2W bots get in your way.

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That’s true. I mean in Diamond League, I’ll battle some p2w bots, but it won’t be as cancerous as Champion League. And you don’t need that much skill in Diamond either.

Nice team. Paging @MjolnirHammer & @Alex_Iron.


How will you stay in Diamond League? Don’t you go up when you win?

Yeah, but you’ll drop if you lose too.

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You can drop, but how will you drop? If you destroy your robots, your team still has a chance of winning.

That’s tanking, I won’t purposely drop, but I’m a casual player, although once with 2 years of experience in WR. I’m naturally going to lose to the pros.

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Alright, good luck on your journey!

I stopped playing when I accidentally deleted my account. (Yeah I was dumb back then)

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