People who need to be banned (RANT!)

WARNING! this is a rant! if you find this annoying don’t report it just go back and find a different post. if you want the read this then go ahead: we all have our fair share of people who are just complete jerks. but there are a few who are just straight up on here to just be a jerk to other people and make them either quit the game or make the person hated or depressed to the point of suicide. here are the names of the people that are like that: cry, electrocharge, zlegionGT, tintin, and {GDL} Lord Mordred. most would not agree that these people need to be banned but all they really do is insult people and make them hated by others. there are also people who will ask for people who are male or female and tell them to pm them so they can have a girlfriend or a boyfriend when they should just get off and go to a dating website instead of just filling the chats with asks for girlfriends or boyfriends cause it just gets annoying. same with people who ask for clans or battles. just go to the ladder battles instead of just spaming the chat for fights and if you want a clan go find a clan in search or post it on here instead of just asking random people in chat. there are also people who want to trade accounts but most people won’t do that anymore cause most of them know that they are scams so don’t try to do it anymore cause no one is gonna trade with you. it’s their account and they can do what they want with it. it’s not yours. that’s all i have to say.

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The block button is there for a reason.

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Only agree with a single name on the list but not to banning severity :stuck_out_tongue:
maybe a short suspension or a talking to by a mod/admin…

thing is the mods or admins are barely on. like there is no admins on at all they barely will get on. and just contacting alexander (the creator) won’t help either. and muting? it only get’s rid of their text it doesn’t teach them anything.

muting doesn’t teach them anything. want i want is for them to stop being such jerks and/or annoying

We are here and we are listening.
We do not ban players without proof. Just stating names of players is not enough.
So if you have more information you want to give us send it to us at [email protected].