People take care - Tokens might be lost when buying premium packs!


[message to support:]
"Ey, what is this please??!!

I played on phone, clicked to buy 1 Premium PACK for 268 tokens,
then instantly it went “reconnecting” (connectivity was fine), already doubting what is going on
I refreshed and guess…? - Tokens are gone and NOT ONE new item was received!

I know this EXACTLY, (not only because no new item catched my eye),
BEFORE I checked my (nasty limited) storage. And in both moments
free space were/are still 11.
No excuse based on shorttermmemory or senility.

You are accepting this fraud?

The queen and me are not amused."


best to contact support for this sort of thing. It is always good practise to play on a stable network so that this doesnt happen.


Of course I contacted the support. (Till now no answer.)

Network was at its best.

I’m not in the mood to complain every 3 days about disappearing tokens from raid
or even premium packs you don’t get when spending tokens!


Hi Frawatuet,
I’m in the same boat as you. Did support resolve this issue for you?


Ow come on it happens ewery time when u hawe poor conection thats why poeple doesn t buying expensive stuff i n this time