People, stop it, seriously


you guys talking about how rare the legendaries will become because of the relics??
well, since the new version i’ve got only 2 (TWO) !! legendaries from boxes
so how much more rare can get than this???


This is me atacking you.

What a joke.


Only joke I know is …

… written from YOU :exclamation:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:



So, I see. Firstly everybody was against me, and now everybody is arguing with each other.


Also, @Mohadib , @Sarah247 and @Elcent aren’t TS employees, they are just forum moderators.


About @Mohadib you are wrong, he is the main developer :exclamation:


And again no clue what you want to say to me with that statement from you …

Yes, I know that @Sarah247 and @Elcent are not developers, and :question:



Lmao Sarah and Mohadib are part of Tacticsoft. Only Elcent isn’t, in those three you listed.


Heh, what a weak move.


It isn’t a weak move: this thread is clearly gone offtopic and should have been closed by now, so technically I just moved it to the right category while keeping the forum an organized place.
Also it seems you just wanna provoke and stare at people fighting, so I guess spam fit it perfectly.
So, you’re welcome :grin:

On a side note it’s funny how you don’t even know that Mohadib and Sarah are TS employees, you know nothing and want to be others’ mentor, LeL :joy:


Did any of the winners even get that perk? Haven’t seen anyone using it.


But acidentally, I moved it back to it’s right place.


I actually have no idea if the GOATs received their prize… They are yet to show them off in forum.


I know one of them did, but did @grosboss receive his?


no, i have not received and i think admin they know or
they do not know
so it’s a little hovering


@Elcent you see …

You don’t need to watch far away, there are so many issues produced by tacticsoft itself (just mention fast 3 out of around 20 or even more, losses still shows as wins in single ranking columne, date of the news since weeks wrong, item-limit … still no long term solution), but they need to introduce a new item, nobody asked for.


That is - in my opinion - a main reason for all that anger here in the forum. And that accumulates for years now.

To bring it to a point …

  • saying something
    (“we will fix it soon” “we listen to the community” “we make changes FOR the players” same for some players here “we are so good for the community” etc)

and …

  • acting total different
    (most of the updates were for more “profit” or better said for tacticsoft themself, then for the players)


This difference between what is said and done … is what causes all that anger here :exclamation: