People, stop it, seriously


Fair enough. If you are out of hard arguments, it is easier to get offended and stop the conversation. BTW, I DID NOT call you ignorant. But our conversation reminded me of a nice event called “Ask the Team”. We all know how it all ended up. I am done, as well. I hope you ponder over our conversation. If you do, I am positive you will understand my point of view. Cheers, bro.


How about you find lads take this to the PM, and both of you open a cold one and chat it out there.
If that doesn’t work, we can take it to pistols 10 yards at dawn, in a nice duel?
But i bet the cold ones will solve the debate better then forum posts.


That is a total nonsense.

I am one of the most optimistic persons alive, otherwise I would not be able to be top 5 in a real sport competition worldwide :exclamation:

The success here at SuperMechs (most Single Gold medals of all time and of all players) is “just” a side effect of my optimistic :grey_exclamation:

BUT like @Mordulec pointed out totally correct, seeing one update after the next, and that OVER YEARS, which make the game “worser” and “worser” (better for tacticsoft, but worser for US PLAYERS, is pretty frustrating and this frustration / “hate” is selfmade from tacticsoft, because of exactly such updates :exclamation:

I LOVE SuperMechs :heart:, and it hurts every single time seeing in which direction tacticsoft goes with SuperMechs, BECAUSE SuperMechs WOULD have such great potential :exclamation:

Thats the main issue here :grey_exclamation:



If I would be a forum moderator, I would ban them all, and yea, the problem here is all forum users are acting like they did nothing. Don’t ask me what have they done, because everyone normal will know what have they done and what are they doing.


Banning people for criticising a game is like killing someone irl for calling you ugly. It just dosnt add up


The purpose of a forum is to share and receive different points of view


You think someone is dumb? Dude, everybody sees that you just don’t know how to answer, and that’s why are you stopping the conversation. And all other answers are nonsense. Is not hard to notice it. You don’t have to answer me at all! I’m just saying that I noticed you are afraid to continue the conversation because you may lose the “war”! :wink:


Not everything can be solved with alcohol. The total opposite, advising trying to solve problems with alcohol is very bad, and can lead to exactly the other way … even more and bigger problems :exclamation:



Just because you are optimistic, it doesn’t mean everybody else is! Also, STOP ENDING EVERY POST WITH A WINK!!


@Skiller-Legendary, what country are you from? I guess we hit a huge language wall and you do not understand what you are reading in English.


Lol, what a nonsense reply.


You replied yet?? :unamused::unamused:


All my brothers are ROTFL:

You just made my (OUR) day, Skiller!


I was just tired of waiting for @bestplayerintheworld reply. Also, your family looks very nice (you said those are your brothers)!


Thinking of banning people, because you do not like their opinion (based on FACTS) is pretty poor :exclamation: And shows how weak your arguments are :grey_exclamation: Sound like excatly what Elmetre did, stop discussing (cos out of real arguments) and lets start / invite to a real fight :exclamation:

And :question:
No clue what you want to say with this :grey_exclamation:
YOU wrote …

1st (fact) I do NOT end every post with a :wink:

2nd NO, I do not stop using :wink: at some of my posts at the end :exclamation:

You dont like it :question:
I thought you are against any “hate” :question:
You confuse me a lot, or is it you, who is confused :question:


HOPEFULLY … yes @Elcent you hit the nail, there is NO hope after trying it for YEARS, and you can believe me, I had the best and most contact to the developers, I also GAVE most input, reports, help etc. to the devs, tacticsoft.

They only picked the ones, which were important for themself (tacticsoft), NOT one which are important for US players :exclamation:

Two examples, which ones explain it best …

  • I had a BIG / HUGE problem with the inventory limit with my account

I sent pm to @Mohadib and @Sarah247, because it also BLOCKS from buying tokens and using it, same problem as @Joeyjojojunior had :exclamation:

NO answer after weeks / sure also months (to tired to watch for exact days) :exclamation:

  • I reported around 3 times (and also mentioned it 4 or 5 times here in the forum to reach them finally somehow about) the issue that is shows 2 times the wins, instead 1 time the wins and 1 time the losses in the Single Player Ranking list

This issue is since the first update from SuperMechs reloaded, soon 1/2 year (:exclamation:) ago :grey_exclamation:

NO answer, NO reaction, NO fix :exclamation:

And the Ranking list is a MAIN thing for us players :grey_exclamation:

You talking about hope :question:

Sorry, tacticsoft kills every single hope self :grey_exclamation:

Things like @jonny did yesterday, explaining things we ask for, would be a great thing, BUT guess what, we had to wait 2 - 3 years (:exclamation:) for that answer :grey_exclamation:

Maybe you understand the frustation from most players here better :exclamation:

Very good advice, only you should start self first using your own sayings :exclamation:

:wink: (= for @Skiller-Legendary)


This is getting out of hand. Skiller Legendary is right, Mordulec is right, Elcent is right, and so on and so forth. I’m tired at looking at walls of just complaints, but then I realize that there is reasoning behind them. So should we complain? Yes, that’s why the forums exist, to derive the opinions of regular players. Should we rage, and rage, and rage until we see results? No, we are civilized human beings and I’m sure that we can all emphasize our points without constantly insulting each other. This is just stupid and immature, from both sides of the debate, even though they bring up decent points, albeit in an occasionally uncivilized manner.

I just hate seeing all this negativity after every single update. We need to learn to respect each other, it’s a life skill after all. Is it that hard to be calm and not look at TS as a greedy corporation that destroys the dreams of the F2P and P2W with every update?


Nemesis i would like to agree with u but lets be real some of the people in the game are pay to play when alot of us work our tails off to get what we need only a few amount of people respect for me honestly i respect alot of players including u and besty and mord and all the other top players and non top players i only show disrespect to those that are rude afto people and skiller legendary are u high or on crack everything u saying isnt making any sense lmao


Ok I think it’s time to close this useless topic.


That over there is another lie. I didnt ivite someone to a fight… i invited someone, to a sporting competition in an octogon ring. That is profesional sporting event, but you know nothing about sporting events, i even offered a purse for that competition.
Furtheremore, you are insulting people that dont agree/share your opinion, based on so called facts that contradict themselfs

That is confusing… you are confusing your own self.

You are full of optimism!
I tell you this, you are one of the most negative and toxic poster of this forum. A continuous rant and hater of whatever is beeing done in this game.
Anyone that has a diferent opinion, you bash with insults, threats, and lies.
I get it that you have a problem with me, but you have a problem with evryone that has a diferent view then you.
This crusade of yours flirts the line of obsession.It is neither good for you, or the others.
Stop insulting people, and use that energy that you have, towards more positive aproach of the things you dont like.
Try to build, create, come up with ideeas, not just bash and rant like a kid, for not getting your way.

You as well as all the other players had 3 monrhs of grace periode to solve the problem.
It was solved by the comunity, and @Sarah247 help and we got another 100 inventory spaces. You continued to rant about it another 3 weeks.
Se77en’s problem was solved by Sarah too, after undersranding that his case was special.Account stolen, and he missed 1.5 months of the grace period.
So like @Nemesis9 said this comunity is just so flooded by so much hate, about evrything.
Evrybody has an opinion, and it is his right to write it on the forum, without becoming the target of haters, ranters, etc.
Skiller expressed his opinion, with arguments. You can also voice yours, with arguments, yet you chose to insults or changing his topic about. You failed to talk about the curent topic, just for the sacke of argueing.
Learn to agree to disagree.
Like i said in the main topic, about this transformation pack, it can be usefull to some, and useless to most.
I found it useless to me, but saw a potential o becoming something better, and went that way, pitched an ideea, asked the comunity if they like it and want it to be heard and asked the devs if the comunication channel is opened.
End of story.



Your TRY to turn around my arguments / facts failed totally.

I could now go on here and show you every single nonsense you wrote now about my quotes, BUT guess what …

I do not, cos everybody with a normal brain can see you only tried to attack me … and that with a really weak TRY :exclamation:

  • go take your hate and do whatever you want with it

  • it dont work to attack me, that is clearly now and once for ever YOUR problem

  • it shows totally that you have a huge problem with me, 100 % coming from you failing totally in this game and you are full of ENVY because of my success … here read …

bestplayeroftheworld … most Single Gold Medals …

  • of ALL time

  • of ALL players

  • in ALL Versions of SuperMechs

It clearly shows that you have a serious issue :exclamation:

Try and search for help - thats not just said, that is really honest meant :grey_exclamation: