People, stop it, seriously


Ah well, you probably think I’m suprised, but not at all. I was totally ready for reaction like these. And yea, why do you hate this? Will it hurt you? No! And what makes you think legendaries drop rate will be decreased? And is it better to sacrifice good legendary items or get a few relics and do the job? And in future, you will be able to get relics in boxes and campaign. And there might even be a relics box! How is that supposed to hurt you? How will that decrease legendaries drop rate? Nothing bad will happen. You’re just pesimistic, like all others! Don’t try to say you aren’t, because you are! So just STOP IT!!!


Erm, you do not seem do understand what you read?

It will hurt me, because relics will be implemented into the game. So whenever you get a legendary card, you run the risk of landing a relic, instead of a true legendary item. In this way it will hurt me. In this way it will decrease the drop rate. Is this clear enough?

I feel it is my duty as a seasoned and legacy player to pinpoint any stupid mistakes TS makes and warn unexperienced players about them. So nope, I WON’T STOP. ON THE CONTRARY!


So, I’ve heard you have 3 full myth mechs. Why do you need legendaries? To boost your items. And what will happen when you get 3 full upgraded myth mechs? About what will you complain? You will complain because you can’t complain? And yea, firstly you were complain about the pack, not the future relics update! And if you’re tired with all the hate, then why the hell are you hating??? Dude, I’ve got no more to say. NO MORE.


OMG Skiller stop now NOW (Some paid u to say that) This is the last com about this topic, u are even worst then Dwightx and his/her videos (When he/she attack someone)


Nobody paid me anything. I’m just not an asshole who hates Tactisoft for no fucking reason like you and everybody else.


This statement is wrong on so many levels.

A lot of the reasons people tacticsoft are logical and actually make sense.

From rip off scams like this 2500 token box, to cutting fuel in half because “players weren’t using it all”, down to shittier and shittier drop rates each new update.

Oh and don’t even make me bring up the lies about never changing drop rates. Because Tacticsoft never lies, they never hurt their players just to make a buck. Just stop man, you aren’t helping yourself no anyone else.


Thats actually not true , we have nothing against Tacticsoft.

They are a company of (from what i heard) 5 to 10 people that have to make for a living from 2 games .

We dont really hate them? But some of their actions and updates to the game were just downgrade bullshit.

As for me and some other people , i / we dont have any hate for TS.
Its just the updates and or patches that are just bad / flat out stupid.


The new pack would be fine if relics were not introduced as legendaries . I have not received a legendary in two months of campaigning. Counting bad luck that is still a poor drop rate. If I ever manage to get a legendary I would prefer an actual item to build on rather than mech juice ( relic). A legendary fused to level 40 is far more useful than a relic which still needs to be added to four other sacrificial items to make a myth.


Hello all,

I think your all jumping to the wrong conclusion here and need to take a step back and calm down a little.

I believe all that @Skiller-Legendary is trying to say is that while Tacticsoft has implemented something you dislike it doesn’t give you the excuse to berate them continually. Instead try to do it in a positive way.

For example the recent ideas that I have hear around the forum and in discussions such as a relic being given for the weekly clan reward or @El_Metre idea as he posted above.

I understand a lot of the anger some of you have but you direct it in a way that alienates the community and ruins the forum for people. This thread is now 30 posts long when all it is is someone asking you not to over react to an update that won’t even effect you and yet there are numerous people on here having a go at said person for doing nothing wrong.

Instead of channelling your anger into this thread have a read through some of the ideas posted else where how to improve the relic system or make a strong argument as to why these are too expensive. Don’t say “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TS!!!” instead tackle it as “I believe the value of the relic box is to too high because…”

When I see a post that is a complaint without helpful feedback or constructive criticism it makes it sound as if a child is whining about how life’s unfair. When I see a post where someone has disliked something and given some real thought into how it could be made better or reasoning why its not as good as it could be it makes me want to support that person, support their reasoning and hopefully the developers will do to.


That’s a terrible idea tho, it will only widen the gap between top players and the rest of us.


Fine, I take your advice, @Elcent. I will enroll into a class to learn how to direct my anger in a very “pleasant and amicable” way.

So wrong. When relics get implemented, they will affect EACH AND EVERY PLAYER. But I do not have the energy to explain it for the third time. I do believe you have much better reading skills than Skiller (shit, what a pun! :grinning:) and understand my point of view.

And why should I even bother doing it. CAN YOU PROVIDE ME WITH JUST ONE - ONE! - EXAMPLE OF TACTICSOFT FOLLOWING FORUM and introducing changes suggested by players since SM Reloaded? OFC you can’t. They simply do not give a shit and do what they want. AND THIS IS THE CRUX OF THE MATTER. I am tired of bad updates. I am sick and tired of coming up with great ideas only to see that TS does not give a single F### about what we think. This is where anger and hate comes from. This is plain truth. And wow, I hope that I managed to direct my anger in a more positive and friendly way. I just want to explain to you so that you understand. And this is nothing personally connected to you, Elcent, so no hard feelings, bro. Just try to address my point.


I have to admit I can’t even be angry at them anymore… I only laugh.

Now when I see a new “update”… I look at it… a big joke.

Then I say “I wonder what other nonsense they will come up with lmao”

Just have to chill and start laughing at their ridiculous changes instead of being angry. :joy:


seems aprils fools came early this 2k18


This is very rare about the “relics” … it’s such a bad product, so limited and so expensive, that I still think there was a mistake.


When i see a new update on super mechs


This is correct, what Elcent said.
There is a way to counter all that anger and ill passion that fills your belly. That fire that makes you want to burn the whole of Rome, like Nero did. But we are not Nero, and we are first civilised men, but moreover we are men. And in our history of beein men, logic and ingenuity earned us more then picking the sword, for if we were to listen to our primal instinct, we would still be bashing our skuld in with stone and clubs in the quest for food and booze.

And just another little advice, learn to respect other opinions.
Just take a step back, and see if you can find something positive, if not, ignore it and move on, in the end it is just a game, and you can have a drink to that.

Bug - Claiming Season Reward

Off the top of my head things that the Tacticsoft has done as a direct result of forum posts:

  • The Balance change was heavily influenced by forum posts. The feedback that was listened to most was the cool calm, collected answer that explained the balancing required and made a huge impact to the game.
  • The GOAT event that a perk was made for just for the community event. - Great work from @El_Metre and Sarah.
  • The introduction of community items to the game made by Zark and others are hoping to get their own in.
  • An update& youtube section of the forum

I get that they haven’t introduced loads of ideas from the forum. If you want to change this perhaps making the forum a more welcoming place would be a start?

They are also a business, They can’t change the plan just because of one piece of feedback. They have a plan that probably covers the next year of changes and some of the problems presented will work themselves out. E.g. the energy nerf got fixed by the XP update.


I agree with one thing and disagree with another.

What I agree on is that our protests generally don´t lead to any solution.

I disagree that TS will do something so that relics have a better use. I only remember 1 case in which an item was modified to balance the game and was at the beginning of update, when nerfed the death punch.

I think the suggestions to modify or give another use to the relics is not going to walk (I hope I’m wrong, because it would be wonderful to do what was proposed here).

No, TS works differently and is with creativity. Invent something totally new and you will have more chances of success. Something like “we will not modify the HP plate system or resistances, but you can invent something new that counteracts the power of what already exists.”


I know I cannot call you ignorant, Elcent, because you rule the house here and read what we post. So you are up to date. So IDK why you use such poor arguments. Each and every update created a shitstorm in the forum. SM Reloaded, nerfing boxes, cutting energy for missions, nerfing droprates, nerfing Physicals, want me to continue counting? I guess every such event created thousands posts, ideas and proposals, which were totally ignored by TS. You know it very well. And your examples of TS-forumbase cooperation are so weak. How does the GOAT tournament or YT section in the forum affect the gameplay? Zarkares? It is just another torso. There will be dozens more in the future. Let’s talk about big, critical, gameplay changes. Any examples here?


You pretty much are calling me ignorant. And completely ignoring most of my statements and therefore this shall be my last post at this time.

Edit: At this time meaning I would return. I’m currently quite busy in RL at the moment and therefore do not have hours to argue things on the forum. However since re-reading the posts here and those that followed I feel as if there is no reason to discuss things further.