People, stop it, seriously

(I’m talking about that new pack.) Well, you must understand it will be here for a limited time. And also, after this pack is removed, you will be able to obtain relics in other ways, and there will be more relics, not just legendary ones. NO MATTER HOW HARD IS IT TO UNDERSTAND IS NOT BAD, YOU MUST. Dude, you won’t die if you stop critisng every single damn update. YOU WON’T DIE. Also, this update, for sure, isn’t made for weaker players or those who are too stupid to save tokens. Is made for top players! And I totally agree with the price. Because even if the price would be 10 tokens, you would still be complaining it is expensive. I’M SERIOUS. And the point of making this topic is that you simply stop complaining. JUST STOP. I won’t be surprised by anything, I’m ready.


I would buy tons of 'em if the price was 10 tokens, LeL.


Lol nice bait bro


@Skiller-Legendary … which dev are you (like @jonny has also an alt-account here in forum) :question:

There is no other explanation for your words here :grey_exclamation:

You know, there are people, who need to WORK for their real money, not for all people the money fall from heaven :exclamation:

I repeat the important part …



that price is something out of which someone would invest, the only ones who would buy it already have weapons to mythic max … I do not see any sense



No, they didn’t. I’m not against the community like 99,9% of players. And I don’t lie about the update so it looks bad.

And I’m not rich. Just not against the community like you and others here at the forum.

Well, you would complain if it would be free, just like all others…


WTH is wrong with you :question:

I am NEVER against the community, I am against game development which treat their best costumers like a bunch of stupid people, who dont get that the game/tacticsoft want to make max profit.

I am ok that they need to make a lot of money, BUT I am not ok with the way they treat their best costumers :exclamation:



Uummmm… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Their best customers are buyers. And non-buyers are a bunch of stupid people for them. Which means we are a bunch of stupid people for TS. :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face: So, this looks fair for TS (and me), even though it isn’t (for most of people).

Are you needy or what are you retarded? Want attention in the forum?


Nah mang he just baiting…

And looks like many people fell for it. :slight_smile:


You know nothing about me, drop your fake crystal ball ma’am :joy:


Well, it annoys me that they are critising this update for no damn reason.

They could just make powerkits be able to use for transformation and not add a hecing RELIC


I m complaining because u can get 5 legendary card with more ezz ,THIS IS SCAM

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@Skiller-Legendary, I must admit I am astonished with your post! I always regarded you as a person of common sense, and the only justification for your words I can come up with right now is that you enjoy SM forum and you are tired with all the hate that is going on here. I am tired with this hate, too, bro! But you must understand one thing. The source of the hate is not us, the forum users, but TS, who keeps introducing items which will make this game more and more rubbish! OF COURSE YOU CAN IGNORE THIS PACK! OF COURSE IT WILL BE LIMITED IN TIME! NO ONE GIVES SHIT ABOUT 5 useless items for 2.5k toks! But each and every update TS introduces has serious implications in the LONG TERM! And this time it is no different! I am 100% sure that after the “relic sales promotion” expires, we will get relics introduced as regular items in ALL BOXES, including premium box and pack. Imagine what happens to the droprate of decent legendaries? It will get dissolved by adding another useless item. So in the future when you jump with joy to see this yellow light springing from the box, remember this will be the legendary relic. This is why we are all pissed off. Good legendaries will become even more rare, and judging from TS attitude towards players, Legendary Relic will have a very good drop rate (like 50% of all legends - Mohadib’s reasoning: Heck, they complain they do not land legendaries, let’s flood them with legendaries, legendary relics MUHAAAAAAAHAHahahahaa…) Tell me, does my explanation appeal to you?
Another thing is your comment about top players. I might consider myself a top player (currently 6th in global ranking), and this deal is not for me. What I need is decent useful legendaries to finish finetuning my mechs. I got 3 mechs full of myths, I do not need fuel to craft more myths. I need the best legendaries to swap my regular myths and then maxx them. That is why I got mislead by the advertising “Legendary-to-Myth Pack”.


let’s try something else:

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