People say im a smurf but i feel like im not

heres the mech people think is a smurf mech


Its ok
People also think I’m a smurf

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OoF! also what rank is your clan out of all of them so i know for when i join

How to be a smurf:
Have L-M items at Myth
Have expensive paint


That’s clearly a rank 1 mech

What rank are you smurfing at :angry:


im at rank 11 lol but i have reached rank 9 once

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One question. When did you start the game again…

I linger around at rank 11-9 because of rank 7 smurfs and heat counters

right now we are rank 249 but we have gotten as low as 24

i started this account in april of 2019

Wow, time so short, yet you already have 2 more divines than me!

Just don’t trust them haters

Trusting them is like submitting yourself to the demons

I’ve been told to quit trolling at my rank but truth be told I just had an epic lose streak :rofl:

I was thinking…

You have maxed weapons/torso/etc but legendary or lower stats, you’re a smurf because you have the raw power
You have maxed modules/etc but legendary or lower weapons, you’re a smurf because you have higher stats than what others expect you to have (i.e. bad modules)

When are you supposed to not be a smurf ?

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