People kept telling me phys is balanced


Well, you are correct. Sorry for misunderstanding.


Heat is the weakest of the 3 types now!

My first heat is only good because it has 3 platinum … if it were not for platinum my heat doesn´t work.

My 2 heats are free energy and carry the best heat weapons (magma, reckoning, desolation …). Both the explosive damage and the heat damage are at the maximum or 20% … HP is at an average of 2500 … but I lose most of pvp when I face 2 energies with magma and Valiant …

And we now have phys with 3000 HP. It´s very difficult to face a 3000 HP phys even if your heat carries 2 or 3 magmas.

Heat is the weakest type of mech now. Definitely.

Besides, the game has another problem now … but we can talk about that later.


And what does that all have to do with the topic :interrobang:


Besty ate a energy engine in her tuna sandwich