Patch Notes and communication

I’d like to address Tacticsoft regarding the lack of patch notes and communication after an update.

I find it rude, disrespectful and insulting that a developer of a game fails to release patch notes after an update. That coupled with the fact that these updates come at random times without a schedule or prior warning is something that I find unacceptable. This forum does not even contain a News and Announcements section for crying out loud.

We can all agree that at this point in time the community is quite unhappy with the developments of the game. Adding lack of communication and ninja changes will not improve the situation and cause even further distrust in the development team.

As I try to contain my anger and disgust towards this type of behavior, I urge Tacticsoft to improve on this department by taking an hour before an update to release patch notes with brief explanation as to why they have done so. The community who are the ones supporting your endeavors will be grateful and show their love towards this.


yes and no…We wanna a blance game (now weapons don’t deal so much damage) so ur weight is down and ur hp also.In my on opinion this update is rlly good and yea ( we can’t be happy with this ? A lot of as rlly make too much drama for this update)

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Its not really about whether the updates are bad or good, its about the manner in which they are being done. The lack of communication, no prior notice of an update, no explanation, just sudden changes as though it were a Alpha or Beta game. It makes players feel abused and used or being cheated on, even if it weren’t meant that way, I just hope it doesn’t scare off lots of players :worried:


22 days ago this was posted telling you that balance changes were coming. They even listened to a lot of peoples feedback and players seem to like this update quite a bit so far.

Today a post less than 1 hour after the update went live they gave you the changes they made and reasoning why.


The thread was in general topic i didn’t even notice it as the last response to it was 16days ago, we need an official notification at least a day before the changes are applied, alot of players i play with don’t even know about this forum and rely on others to inform them about changes, in kongregate we get no notification or thread notifying about any changes :(.


atleast place the thread on top to mark as important or in any other way to make sure everyone can see it and read it


Elcent, my grievance is not related just to this update, but the lack of communication in general.

We were not told that Premium boxes would change / have changed where they cost half the price and return 1 item.
We were not told that Bigboy will no longer drop Epic grade items consistently.
We were not told that an item re-balance will be scheduled for today.

All that I am asking for, and I hope I speak for most of the community in this matter, is a more professional approach from the developers towards their games community.

I appreciate that the demographic of this game is mostly 12 year olds, but the lack of professionalism and communication is deplorable. Can you imagine if my bank decided to change my interest rates without notifying me? That would be illegal.

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that is the kind of thing we are looking for :smiley:

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Just a suggestion but,
How about we add a DEV Site News section so ALL changes, site/game discussions are easily viewed from there.
As things do easily disappear in GENERAL section and all other sections without having a stay at the top sticky which I don’t think this forum has.

Maybe only DEVs or “GOD” overwatch OPs can start a post in there but everyone can reply in the sub thread discussion keeping it on point and not full of random BS.

Just like the imbalance feedback post would be in there too.