Passive cooling


Passive cooling should be added to the game. The cooling should be half the amount of the mech’s normal cooling. Every turn the mech should passively cool its self.


LoL no. Why you wanna screw heat mechs?
Passive cooling + manual cooling is a terrible idea, that will make heat useless.


lol you are @HateHeatMechs


My thoughts on this (sumarized):



Who even needs passive cooling it’s broken enough as it is


Mate im sure you dont go in the arena with that set up. Funny tho


I bet he uses an energy mech with low cooling and low heat cap.
So he loses to heat mechs by being forced into shutdown.
And as a countermeasure he came up with this idea instead of simply adding heat modules to his mech.


I honestly wanna see if this would even work in arena (if he only got heat mechs) lmao





Serious 20,s


no thank you
this will only hurt heat mechs even more
like common
we should add regen when you shut down
that’d be useful!


Dude, no. The way heat works is quite fine as it is, thank you. If you’re having heat problems, increase your heat cap/cooling and they’ll fix themselves… just try it, please.


Yeeaaap, Broken, Broken asf xD