Paradox of Arena

You know how you can have 1v1 until rank 14 then it’s 2v2? What happens if you are in Rank 14 full stars 1v1 and happen to verse someone in Rank 13 ?

When 2v2 first came out, I may have missed an entire conversation about this. Lol

If you play 1vs1 in rank 14 you will simply not find any rank 13 or higher player as an opponent because they will automatically search in the 2vs2 mode.
It is like players searching 1vs1, 2vs2 or 3vs3 only finding opponents in the same searching mode before that update.
Or did you ever find a player searching for 2vs2 while you were searching for 1vs1 before the update?

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Dis guy

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I have no option to search for anything except 2vs2 as I am in rank 4.
So if you do NOT search in 2vs2 you will not find any opponent of rank 13 or higher.
At least that is my assumption.

That guy plays in rank 14.
If he can select 1vs1 or 3vs3 then he should not encounter any 2vs2 player a.k.a. any player of rank 13 or higher.

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Correction it’s rank 14.



You mean starting in rank 14 they are forced into 2vs2?
So basically the point would be between rank 15 and rank 14 but except for that the same issue.



Me too @Transcendant even I am rank 14 highest is 13

Lol, That’s a mistake…

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