Paint kits paint kits and paint kits (all of them)


a white paint kit used to cost 9000 coins and now it costs 100 tokens

I just want the game to be more “playable”

make the pay walls smaller so i don’t have to be forced playing like years for only one thing

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i even force myself to not pay for games because it is that stupid to give up like that,
and where is your completely little FAKE update huh?

i just don’t like the fact that if you pay $10,00 you are still the same level
because it’s either one of the things below:
-you get stupid items out of your “premium” pack (so they are almost useless)
-you can’t transform them to mythical (useless for players like me)
or even worse
it’s just all gambling

yes this sounds stupid but it is the very truth

the new updates all make the game worse

in 2008 you could at least not pay for what you need

if you want to make money
make more games lazy shits

sigh this is already out of topic

First: stop being toxic
Second: it’s easy to get tokens
Third: There is no “fake” update as you say. Clan wars are coming.
Fourth: just because you get epics from premium pack it doesn’t mean that item sucks.
Fifth: nobody is forced to pay you know? There are many players that are top and they are f2p. It just take time.


Paint kids?


Well said @Pavic my fellow Serbian borski… Yea some people are whining too much~, about stuff that really isn’t anywhere near the “whining about zone”.
(Shouldn’t be at least).

  1. i don’t fucking care anymore because you guys are even more toxic (like w.p.o.t.w.)
  2. it is almost impossible for me to get tokens because i already completed every level that i could beat and i’m stuck on multiplayer campaign (not even in “frozen abyss” yet) that means: 5 like i said you are forced to pay
  3. there is a fake update and it’s not clan wars
    4 i was talking about legendary items
  4. you are forced to pay because if you don’t you’re gonna lose against 999/1000 people
    and you will be nothing against your opponents. all because you did not get that one item that you needed

i see guys everyday being made out of acid

one of the worst was something with a roasted chicken or something

How do you lose against 999/1000 players if you don’t pay?

It’s impossible that 99.9% of players do pay.

  1. Please explain
  2. That sucks man just do your dailies
  3. That’s your opinion
  4. Welcome to Super Mechs
  5. I guess you are stuck at minimum rank then
  6. Please just put all of your replies in one post, it’s called spamming

ever heard of “exaggerating”

  1. it’s hard to explain while being sick, having a headache etc.
  2. they all say i have to do the boring grinding and all kinds of shit i’ve been doing over , over and over again
  3. i know and i heard that multiple times already
  4. i am not new and played this game for about 7 years already and discovered my worst gaming nightmare in 2017
  5. only because i am very bad at 2v2 and i get overpowered opponents
  6. i don’t really care but someone had to say it i guess

i’m worried of tactisoft having brain damage with their useless updates,
they don’t even care about the community.
if you start the game it’s like: KREETINNGS COMRADE and then you get to a new nightmare update

i know i spelled wrong but that is the joke

No yolo you are wrong. I’ve noticed a pattern whenever tacticsoft misspelles words. They do not have an “N” on their keyboard

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