Paid token and free tokens

So I think it would be a good idea if you made a mythical box or chest that you can only buy with paid tokens and the drop rate will be better than the boxes you have now just leave current boxes for buying with free tokens

Heck,no.this ain’t will just make the gap between f2p and p2w ppl wider


Brilliant idea, gets a 10/10 from me

I agree with the new type of box part but not with the token division into paid and free.
Also it should not be a mythical box.

It should be a premium legendary box with guaranteed drop of a legendary item that can be upgraded to myth.
Cost for a box: 160 tokens
Cost for a pack: 700 tokens

That would be enough.


That’s too less for a guaranteed drop of a legendary item :slight_smile:



No, your stupid.
No P2W increasing.

Game is about fun not about, paying !

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Please don’t talk like that.
It’s not that nice.

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Bad Idea

Another Case Closed.

Especially on this one stupid part.

Your probably saying this since YOUR a P2W guy yourself


Maxio Yes i fully agree


I want to die.

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I should pay attention to my typing skills a bit more…
(Besides I keep forgettings the 're)


I flaged this topic as inappropriate and insulting.
Cuz it insult F2P XD

I invite here, here is reasonable New Box idea.

It’s not unreasonable The drop rate for the current boxes is horrible I have paid a little money into the game it kinda feels like you’re getting ripped off so I probably wouldn’t do it again if money will help improve the game and keep it going I want to help that but no one is going to want to buy tokens with the current drop rates

What are you so cheap you can support a game you like I have spent a little money on the game what do you think keeps them going people have complained about drop rates before in chat thought it might be a reasonable solution I don’t see you trying to improve anything

First off.
Are you mad at me or something? Bro this is just our ideas. Stop being so salty about it.
Besides, I can’t spend any money since my mom and dad won’t allow me.
And I stopped trying to improve the game since I didn’t get any ideas for the game.
So how about you chill and just let us state out opinions?
Its not like its going to be implemented anyway. Most of the ideas I see are not implemented into the game.

No not mad at you bro sorry my experience in games is free players trash on paying players no matter how little they support the game I took it the wrong way I do want to see this game stick around for a little while and they need cash for that when I bought tokens and didn’t get much in them it made me not want to buy anymore thought I could help them but if they don’t listen then I won’t waist my time

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I think “if you pay you need to get something” and that’s true I never paid cause I can’t xD but I think that if devs add this new “box” the game will be the typical “pay to win” in some point, I mean with the box that we have actually we’re more “balanced” obviusly if you pay you can get a lot of boxes giving you an advantage from the players that do not pay; been more specific i think that like the box is now it is fine