Pads: why they're hated and some suggestions


I get the feeling that I’m not alone in hating these things, hence the numerous angry posts on the chat and forums.

I think the original idea behind them has some merit in that they both add a variable element to the game and give less well equipped/less experienced players a fighting chance. However I think they need to be reworked. As things stand they are more a cause of grief rather than something which adds to the enjoyment of the game. A few reasons why:

  • God Mode, the most commonly used torso by top players gains a huge advantage with the no-armor pads; as if this mythical item wasn’t strong enough already.

  • Diamond Shell - this mythical torso on the other hand becomes almost unplayable when there are no-armor pads on the map. This coupled with an opponent with the God-Mode torso makes for a frustrating game.

  • Pad hogging. The entire match revolves around you or your opponent trying to hog that 30% damage or no-armor pad in the corner.

Some possible ideas/suggestions:

  • Remove the no-armor pad entirely. It gives a massive advantage to builds which are already overpowered.

  • Add plus armor and minus armor pads to balance things out. So at least there’s a random chance either way.

  • Make the above based on a percentage like the damage pads - say 30% more or less armor.

  • Get rid of the pad system entirely.

These are just my ideas, undoubtedly there are others that have their own suggestions and opinions so please feel free to submit yours.


They need to remove them ASAP. They can reintroduce them later when they have everything worked out. :facepalm:


Pad hogging is something me and friend do when we was younger…first nice couple rent a big house. Then we pad hog it…like 20 or 30 people live there. It was fun :slight_smile: