Overwatch ability

Hello pilots, i love to play SM and i would really liked the overwatch ability to be implemented.

Tell me what you think and how it could work, the only example i can think of is XCOM overwatch mechanics.

For example, you have a top weapon with range 4-8, your opponent is 5 tiles away from you, and u know he is gonna jump towards u, u shoot with one action point and with secont u put this weapon on overwatch, if opponent jumps on his turn your mech is gonna fire before jumping animation starts

I am open to adequate criticism

And please dont start off about bugs and cheaters that needs to be dealt with first, i just want to see what u guys think because i can see it being tactically useful.

English is my second


Could you explain it a bit better?

Watch SM get coyright claimed by blizzard


So,it would add an option to predict your opponent’s movements and make you take caution before they even make their move,right?
If they move the way you predicted it,then they take the hit,huh?
If that’s the case,then I think it would be an awesome factor that would diversify things around here.It’ll make your opponent more careful so you don’t predict him while also making you think more and be more prepared while also trying to conceal your next move.
Talk about some thrill!
I like it.


You should’ve added a pool, so i would be able to dslike it. :slight_smile:

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Well, imagine u cant salvo yor enemy(only one weapon can be fired, range or anything else) you know opponents intentions and u see how u can productively spend an action point, by overwatching the weapon in which range u know your opponent is gonna move/jump/roll

You mean you can see if your enemy is going to move anywhere?

Thats not going to be implemented , you never know what the enemy will do

I can’t agree with you on that point

Some builds are pretty predictable.
Take the dual Annihilation build for example.Like an open book…

What do you think of the situation for example of if you put a range 1-2 or melee weapon on overwatch, and then got grappled. Should it fire?

Situations i see its should work:
•Opponent moves/jumps/rolls/charges in(or out of) range of overwatched weapon
•Teleports in range of overwatched weapon(debateble)

Hook/TP out of range - wont work

no it shouldnt fire then. you have to predict certa9n things not any movement at all

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