Overlord's Den 8

I’d like to report a bug with the final boss mission in Overlord’s Den. The mission briefing for the Hard difficulty states it rewards 15500 coins and 4200 EXP. However, upon completing the mission, the net gains are 11850 coins 3560 exp (these numbers have appeared on all my previous runs).

I’ve not had a chance nor the ability to see the actual returns of the Insane mission, but regardless, this needs to be addressed.


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Yes, the numbers mentioned are all complete lies.

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It’s the same for practically every level.

In my latest run in normal, I got this:
6,280 gold
1,520 experience
2 rares (!)

but in the mission it says we are expected to get:
10,350 gold
2,800 experience
0-1 mix box.

At least the mix box was delivered - though the contents were very disappointing.

@Sarah247 are there any plans on fixing this anytime soon? At this point, there’s reason for one to even want to complete Hard / Insane as they give less rewards per fuel spent than Normal.

With that said, one does not feel an urge to improve their mech for PvE as Normal gives better rewards than the other 2 options.