Overlord and Sheriff Torsos


Overlord Torso:

330 Health
125 Heat
60 Cooling
45 Energy
15 Regeneration

3 Energy Resistance
5 Physical Resistance
7 Heat Resistance

Sheriff Torso:

330 Health
50 Heat
20 Cooling
140 Energy
55 Regen

Hope you like these torso ideas. I don’t have enough experience with myths to add myth stats so many you guys could improvise. Give me suggestions and changes on them if needed.

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I’d like to give feedback but I really need more info first. What level are these torsos? What type, and what is their purpose (what makes them special)?

As far as max mythical stats, I would suggest refering to this post for stats, and going from there.

Keep it up, this kind of thing is always welcome here!


These are epic or legendary?


These are epic torsos and one is for all the way heat, and the other is all the way energy.


There’s already “zarkares” for true heaters -.- . But not bad I guess :slight_smile:!

So i decide to help ya a bit

sheriff torso

hp 1100 hp
355~ weight
155 heat
62 cooling
18 energy 22 heat and 22 physical resistance
330 energy
173 regen

Note those are stats for an maxed mythical torso.


I would be glad if you also posted a picture of them along with their “stats”.
Otherwise,making a thread just to write down some random stats for something even more random…Well,it’s pretty damn useless to say the least…


I agree … all u r doing is writing down some numbers…if u want these implemented , make sprites of weapons…but then also ur stats won’t be used anyways


Umm… Hi? I thought you quit??


I already answers you on two other topics lol


I’m gonna work on a sprite soon.


About the sprites, I tried making something but it just didn’t work the way I’d like it to. Maybe someone can make a sprite for these torsos? It’s meant to be a combination of Brutality and the old Lava Scope Torso.


Just try to do your draft and post it, then you can ask for help to someone used to do sprites.