Overheating issue

This is my first post as I am new but I have to ask. How do all of you deal with the whole Ill just overheat you and youll never get a turn nonsense? I`m finding that quite frustrating.


I know there are cooling modules and all that but it seems ridiculous to me that a mech can keep attacking you indefinitely if you overheat, it hardly seems like a fair system?

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Yep, I’m encountering the same issue. The mythical heat hammers (or whatevs they’re called) and lava sprays need to stop.

lmao, wait till you also get hit with electro bots then you don’t have any weapons either.
Or better yet get hit by a few Deathpunch 600 to 850 Hit Point shots you’re dead on second move.

overheating isn’t a big deal
almost all players have atleast 100 cooling.
juat put some coolingmodules or build a energy mech and you should be fine -.-
i have around 150 cooling ._.


Energy mechs are overheated, Heat mechs can’t use weapons that use even the tiniest bit of energy.

I think it’s the person who starts first that wins.

I think it’s BS. There is no skill involved with overheating your opponent and they can’t fight back.


Solution = get more heat/cooling.


That was my first problem in the game. My poor mechs overheated and I was convinced that the game was doing dirty tricks … lol

Over time and a great instructor I had I learned some things. In the current system your max.heat must reach 300 points at least and your cooling level must be equal or higher. With a cooling equal or higher than max. heat , the mech will never stay, because when it cools, it cools everything.

At this moment I have in my heat 290 max.heat and 285 cooling. My heat mech can withstand up to 500 reheating points, without losing shifts.

Now I’ve seen phys mechs with over 500 max heat, but poor cooling. That allows them to shoot without interruption for 2 turns, but once you reheat them, the low cooling level can be dangerous for them, especially if they are facing a flamethrower.

In summary: ideally, the cooling should be equal or higher than the max heat. and if you face a strong heat, you should cool manually at least 1 time.


^That’s a bad idea. Many weapons drain max heat, so by the time you overheat, you’ll probably have around 250 heat and 285 cooling. Later in the match, you might have 200 or less heat and be wasting 85 cooling every time you use shutdown.

It’s good to have an appropriate balance between the two, although it’s hard to say exactly what that is.

On one hand, if you have extremely high heat and low cooling, you may be able to finish most matches without overheating at all. On the other hand, once you’re getting overheated every turn, cooling is king.

The goal is to spend the least number of turns cooling down.

Although there may be times when very high heat/low cooling or moderate heat/very high cooling might be best, I’d say a 2/1 mix is a good place to start.

If you can get to 300 heat/150 cooling and you pay attention to things like how much heat your own weapons generate, and the ranges at which their highest-heating weapons will hit you, you should be able to do pretty well up to rank 2 or 3.


f your max heat is drained, the mech cools everything. In the previous version, lavas and axes drained a lot of max heat and my mech never lost shifts.

Don´t forget there are heat weapons that drain cooling, so I think 150 cooling for a max heat of 300 is little.

But hey… it goes in the ability of each to play and know when you have to cool manually.