Otakus and Weird @ss Ppl


Okayyyyyy then, Ayo wassup?!
Anything you wanna rant about to do with Anime, Manga, Gaming (otome, MapleStory etc) or even Dj and Hentai idc go ahead! (Yaoi and Yuri also welcome ;P)

I wonder who is actually gonna reply lol :joy:




In other news, most of the things i want to talk about would get me banned from this forum


Anime… ok so i finished Sakura Cardcaptor and Dragon Ball. Currently watching Dragon Ball Z

Manga… i have now reread every panel of the Freezing manga for the fourth time. Haven’t read any others. Might reread Freezing again later

Gaming… can we just talk about how absolutely lovely and amazing Nekopara is? I have each game and thats possibly the best games i have.



Whats with these SM players and their love for Anime and Hentai


They’re weird, i tell ya


two bombs weren’t enough.


This is just GR8 MATE :ok_hand:


talk to @Zarkares he will always talk about that stuff


Btw welcome in the forum onii chan


four would be ok. :relaxed:


Don’t even get me started on the gaming industry, I don’t want to turn into Koba again.


Desu desu kek me harder senpai


sighs heavily Which Senpai is it now? :joy:



I’m senpai



Do you want me to go full Tsundere on you Narmis?
I-It’s not like that I want to spend my time typing this or anything!!! DON’T GET THE WRONG IDEA OK? HMPH!!!


zark i just want you to remember that you tried to not be with strange people or otakus (well thats basically the same)


Being an otaku is kinda racist


IT’s not like I give a fvck b-b-baka

Boi The real tsundere is senpai from YS :stuck_out_tongue: