Original Reign recruitment


Original Reign is going to be active again. We need active people to join us :slight_smile:
I recently got my account back, so Im recruiting.
Clan is open, has rank 8 as condition to join, can be lowered.

Its low on the list because a lot of inactive people inside, due to my account ( leader position) being broken.
Im waiting for you in Reign, come and have fun! :wine_glass:


ui best clan ever on 118th :astonished:

anyway good luck recruiting.


Congrats Bob and welcome back!!

Rakija is on me tonight to celebrate your return.

All the best, LG.


Good luck recruiting Bob! Maybe i could join if you want :wink: I’m rank 4 atm


Thats you know who’s dad in the flesh right there brow… you know …

Side note: Taito for golddddd


thanks brorgon
but im pretty sure u 3 up there wont let that happen :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Lord Goldgon for win!


Unfortunately #1 spot current owner wouldnt let me…


he can be like that…don’t sit in my place…so typical


Did Reign go from Reign > Reign Forever > Reign Reforged?

or is this clan just a Fan thing?

also Welcome Back Bob, Nice to meet you…:wave:

Good Luck with the Clan Recruitment :blush:


Wrong but 115…lol😉


well i may know more then u know…about the greatest clan of all: Fartaito!


Why don´t you all join again? Today there are 3 Reign clans that derived from the first.

You could be a great clan if you set aside the differences and come back together.

God knows how much I wanted Lyll to join again, half of the old Lyll left the game, others left the clan because of jealousy. Recently one of Lyll’s former members returned to the clan and another beloved member will return shortly. I’m happy about that, but I´ve a thorn in my heart when I see old Lyll members wandering around far from home.

Come back together! Put aside rivalries if you can. The old Reign with Marija as leader was a great clan.


Reign > Reforged > Forever


btb > reign > reforged > forever


Perish heathen, hail ЯEIGN


Nice job Mr. @BobNew . Good luck from Reign Reforged ! :blue_heart::wink::+1:

Artwork by: @_DANIEL_HD


That’s Beautiful…


Ill put asside the last beating and aknowledge the piece from Daniel. Good stuff. GG


Mr. Bob is @Marija’s dad IRL .


oh…Really?..I did not know that…