Organize Work Shop and upgrade shop


Organize the Work shop better than it is please. I have over 1500 modules and special items that I want to use as upgrades. There is 720 or more that I don’t need. It was more organize in the old shop than now. First was all drones, shields, charges, teleports, grapples harpoons, than the rest was better. Now it really suck like this. I’m having to click every item to look for the right thing I need, and can’t find. It’s a hassle now than before. This new work shop is organized like someone in grade school. This is totally wrong.


Yes please. Everything is so messy and finding items takes longer. They used to be organised neatly before the last update, I dont know why they thought an item free-for-all would be better.


We do plan to organize items in the Workshop and Boost screens.
Currently, we are working on other features that have a higher priority but hang in there. It will get done.

Thanks for your patience!


Just like color kits, right?



Not funny at all, maybe they are making a new campaign which is based on storymode. (What I hope)


Story mode? I highly doubt it…


But It would be nice. :stuck_out_tongue:


######Let me guess, more ultra-mythicals for the top players and clans (who paid the most)?


But I hope not.