Order your wish here

  • I wish to get 2 HP mythical plates in 1 box for free! :four_leaf_clover:

  • I wish to ask for a battle, that I get a pro with all OP and he loses his connection! :four_leaf_clover:


I wish to never have to play SM again!

No wait, I already fulfilled my own wish! :smile_cat:


Genie of the lamp says that you register in BD :smiling_imp:


I might wish for Tacticsoft to disappear so there are no more ripoffs and money-grabbers :thinking:

Edit: No more cheaters either.

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when you try to make the developers make a donation of mythical HP+.

I think that before your license plates there are more important things, such as the problem of the inventory limit.

but keep it up, you’re doing fine. Maybe I should tag some of the developers to see if they give them to you. I’m sure if…

I know that you want to be good at this game, but for that you do not need to see yourself as a friend seriously, you look ugly licking boots.

I took it as a piece of advice, from some comments that I read in the game chat and that the truth was ugly to read that now you are labeled that way in a silly game.

You are better than that, believe me …

ahhhh and my wish is that the developers enforce the rules, respect all players equally, many cheating players have been reported that au continue to play. When they themselves have publicly confessed the use of these, they have sent images, photos, captures but the team of supermechs, does not do anything about it.

that’s why my wish is that developers have ethics, and respect all players equally, encourage clean fire, and do not allow cheats and swindlers, so that in this way they can generate a positive reputation towards supermechs and tactisoft.

PS: I think that wep has 6 mythical life plates before my wish is fulfilled.


What I said, except I forgot the cheaters.

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Pretty sure you should write to Santa, or the Easter Bunny, or even the Tooth Fairy for that to happen.
Bloody hell write to all of them, we need alot of magic and miracles to get rid of cheats in this game.


So a wish is asked !!! Don´t ask for 1, ask for 6 … !!! Rub the lamp well so that the genie is happier!

Here we have the mouse Pérez … it seems more innocent …

Seriously, @ShadowOfDeath, last night I was reading the forum and I saw so much slump, so much negative emotion for a silly game, that it, I occurred to make this topic to laugh a little.

In the end it’s just a game! Tell someone who has lost their job, or their home, or that they have lost their health or someone they love, how you are bitter because they nerfing boxes in a game, and think you are crazy.

If you try to do something fun, be it a topic in the forum or a GOAT tournament, there will always be someone who will speak behind your back and say you do it to be good with the administrators. Is it better to become bitter and embrace all together to cry? It’s a game, hell! It’s not anyone’s life! And life is so short, and the years pass so quickly that it´s not worth investing any negative feelings for such superfluous things. And much less lose friends!

Shout your wish and stop fucking!


Many times I have been called a seer, however I think it’s nothing like that, it’s just a talent to see beyond the obvious, to understand the implicit message, the subliminal message, however, not everyone likes this talent as it results like a kind of reading the mind and showing what is not said but insinuated, and to top it all of evils “I always say it”, and of course it is a game, that perhaps you did not know? I know it the first day I started playing this I’ve been doing for more than 5 years.I like that in the end you would understand, remember, I told you during your months and months that I did dedicate to train you , i teaching you a lot of the things that you know today about the game, I remember that i said you “I will teach you to lose, because winning, everyone knows” it is implicit in human nature

PS I will deal with when you see an implicit “subliminal” message ignore.
but remember, it’s not that I do not see it. I just will preten I did not see it

you will always be my little friend “HORUS” out of the game because in the game pfffff only when if you need something you remember “ohhh my friend” .

@El_Metre you really like absolutely everything that wep says or it’s just solidarity because it’s like a “follow me and I follow you” and of course “offer valid too for check privately flag” :wink: (only is a joke i dont want drama)

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i just wish to reset my acc and choose 25 items to start with and just focus on have fun and evolve


tell a kid that lost his parents that the game he loves dont feel the same
xD life is cruel, and also generally hate people, but people always want to get everything easy, i like to see that everywhere

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Perez more innocent? i still preffer a fairy than a mouse
but i feel Perez more adecuated to tell latinamerican kids oh dont worry about the big rat over there it only wants your teeths…

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you dont “have” to xD

I want 2 things.

One Mythical Plate

One StormWeaver

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