Orbital - Reborn


Orbital, the Original Kongregate Clan, is back for victory!

We look for friendly and competitive pilots to join our rise to the top.
If you are at least rank 8 or higher, mature in soul and willing to fight for a team of veterans,
find Archangel in chat for details.


Ask anyone, Mordulec is perhaps the most friendly person in this forum! Right, guys? Do I fit in?


Wat makes u think that :expressionless::expressionless:


We play primarily on kongregate, Ill be in the sm chat every once in a while. As Cag said, look for Archangel.


What are the qualifications?


C’mon…Did you really have to post a random gif of Tokyo Ghoul along with your question?


Maybe… Seriously tho , qualifications?


These are the qualifications.


Thanks L4K3.
Find Archangel in game chat for further details please.
Also come visit kongregate if you wish. We are having pretty good times there.


If you are absolutely looking to join, leave a comment with your rank and name, and well see if we can fit you in.