Opinion on my mechs ( Update )

Last time my mechs were only good for Rank 15 . I did some minor tweaks ever since , and now I need your opinion once again .
So how are they ? ( Sorry if the pictures are not in order )

  • Terrible
  • Bad
  • Normal
  • Good
  • Great
  • Need changes ( tell in comments )

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I knew everyone would say they’re terrible .
If only I could change my vote :confused:

you dont have to use every weapon slot bud, and using items which dont go to myth is bad long-term.


I don’t open Premium Packs that often ( I am not that lucky with L-M anyways ) , so I use their C-E counterparts .
Also , I use all weapon slots because of needs . If I used less , I would most likely derank with nothing to stop it . :confused:

youd be better off using different E-Ms than C-E versions of L-Ms in most if not all cases

First of all, there is a topic called General Thread - Build Help, so please stop making new threads every time.


Thirdly, for rank 15, they’re not bad. You don’t have to use every weapon slot. If you transform your torsos like Zarkares and Hollow and Lightning Vest you will become a very good player.

Fourthly, you don’t need 3 Mechs right now, you’re only at rank 15 and probably aren’t getting to rank 5 or below any time soon.

Last of all, send a pic of your entire inventory so I can help you make a better build.

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The energy one is good. I seen that one yet a little different. I forgot the name of the BackBreacker energy. Put that one on instead of the Fat one. I forgot that name also. Keep the malice, Ultra, and Hysteria. Get rid of That Epic weapon. Up your energy. Takes time.

Focus on upgrading modules. It may take a long time, but you’ll see how much it’s worth it.

I’m playing SM for years but I never had Hollow or Lightning vest. In spite of the fact I’m playing every day And every missions.



Replace sword in first mech with last words if you do not find brightroar. Replace epic top weapon with grim cobra, if you do not get valiant sniper. Replace sword in third mech with magma recoiler if you do not get heronmark. Upgrade dawnblaze. Switch legs to something else.

1• I can’t find Last Words or Grim Cobra :confused:
2• What legs are you talking about ? Sizzling Rollers , Sparked Runners or Chromuim Crushers ?

It can be any heat legs. Trust me, even sparked runners will be better than sizzling rollers, if you like. That’s what most heat mechs have if they want to save weight.

decent but someone with mechs like mine would demolish you @Rafael_Antonio_Aceve

want proof here ya go


stormweaver is the energy variant
terrorblade is the heat variant

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What’s your in game name.


20 characters :confused:

Bro , that’s because you never lose .
I’m barely at Rank 14 ( sometimes getting to Rank 13 ) and those mechs look like they could survive Rank 5 , so what’s the fairness here !?

If I can, I guess rank 8.

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Yeah those mechs can get to r7