Opening 50 Premium Boxes!



chances of legendaries i think is now according to your video is 1/21 on premium boxes,you get 14 legendaries


ooff!! so little for so much :disappointed_relieved:


Wait I thought that Tacticsoft kinda buff premium boxes so you can only get items that go up to
Legendary or Mythical so strange that there’s some items that can only go to epic


Hey dude, u shoudl give me a L-M Physical hook, i will give maxed myth clash for it


OMG, broh… I would smash my keyboard and throw the PC out of the window… You literally got nothing, except for one single item - Vailant… This is of some use. Otherwise, useless shit. Thanks for posting such vids, it helps a lot when you have doubts and want to spend some monies on boxes in this game…


I am sure that was not a valiant but instead a Desert Fury… so he actually got NOTHING


thanks for the umpteenth test that show how much the premium box/pack are usless


Nvm I had the super smash flash tab open and thats where the music came from.
So the music was time lapse fat rat unity?


Already have maxed clash don’t need two.


yes it was desert fury.


Like the video and I’ll make a second one.


You got those items recently?
That are not supposed to happen because premium boxes gives ONLY e-m e-l and l-m items (you won some rare-epic items)
Also The developers increased the costs of upgrade for any item what can reach mythical tier around 1M to upgrade lvl 1 mythical -> lvl 50


No this video has been filmed over time.


Bad drops for this many boxes.

By the way,I remember @Sarah247 said that premium boxes/packs will only drop E-M and E-L items.
You can clearly see how he got C-E items as well.
@SilverBox,I think we have another problem,just like we had with the relics before,when they dropped in boxes when they were supposed to be erased…